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the Grand Sauvage; all these gentlemen knew him as well as the insides of their pockets. To-day, then he had come to show madame, in passing, various articles he happened to have, thanks to the most rare opportunity. And he pulled out half-a-dozen embroi ray ban prescription sunglasses dered collars from the box. Madame Bovary examined them. I do not require anything, she said. Then Monsieur Lheureux delicately exhibited three Algerian scarves, several packets of English needles, a pair of straw slippers, and finally, four eggcups in cocoanut wood, carved in open work by convicts. Then, with both hands on the table, his neck stretched out, his figure bent forward, open-mouthed, he watched Emmas look, who was walking up and down undecided amid these goods. From time to time, as if to remove some dust, he filliped with ray ban prescription sunglasses his

of night were falling; the horizontal sun passing between the branches dazzled the eyes. Here and there around her, in the leaves or on the ground, trembled luminous patches, as it hummingbirds flying about had scattered their feathers. Silence was everywhere; something sweet seemed to come forth from the trees; she felt her heart, whose beating had begun again, and the blood coursing through her flesh like a stream of milk. Then far away, beyond the wood, on the other hills, she heard a vague prolonged cry, a voice which lingered, and in silence she heard it mingling like music with the last pulsations of her throbbing nerves. Rodolphe, a ray ban prescription sunglasses cigar between his lips, was me ray ban prescription sunglasses nding with his penknife one of the two broken bridles. They returned to Yonville by the same road. On the mud they saw

illustrious tenor, Lagardy. Homais, surprised at this silence, wanted to know his opinion, and the priest declared that he considered music less dangerous for morals than literature. But the chemist took up the defence of letters. The theatre, he contended, served for railing at prejudices, and, beneath a mask of pl ray ban prescription sunglasses easure, taught virtue. Castigat ridendo mores,* Monsieur Bournisien! Thus consider the greater part of Voltaires tragedies; they are cleverly strewn with philosophical reflections, that made them a vast school of morals and diplomacy for the people. *It corrects ray ban prescription sunglasses customs through laughter. I, said Binet, once saw a piece called the Gamin de Paris, in which there was the character of an old general that is really hit off to a T. He sets down a young swell who had seduced a working

probably stayed to look after Madame Dubreuil. Why, Madame Dubreuil has been dead these ten months! Where can she be? An idea occurred to him. At a cafe he asked for a Directory, and hurriedly looked for the name of Mademoiselle Lempereur, who lived at No. 74 Rue de la Renelle-des-Maroquiniers. As he was turning into the street, Emma herself appeared at the other end of it. He threw himself upon her rather than embraced her, crying What kept you yesterday? I was not well. What was it? Where? How? She passed her hand over her forehead and answered, At Mademoise ray ban prescription sunglasses lle Lempereurs. I was sure of it! I was going there. Oh, it isnt worth while, said Emma. She went out just now; but f ray ban prescription sunglasses or the future dont worry. I do not feel free, you see, if I know that the least delay upsets you like this. This was

spite, the jest of some wag; and besides, if she were dead, one would have known it. But no! There was nothing extraordinary about the country; the ray ban prescription sunglasses sky was blue, the trees swayed; a flock of sheep passed. He saw the village; he was seen coming bending forward upon his horse, belabouring it with great blows, the girths dripping with blood. When he had recovered consciousness, he fell, weeping, into Bovarys arms: My girl! Emma! my child! tell me The other replied, sobbing, I dont know! I dont know! Its a curse! The druggist separated them. These horrible details are useless. I will tell this gentleman all about it. Here are the peop ray ban prescription sunglasses le coming. Dignity! Come now! Philosophy! The poor fellow tried to show himself brave, and repeated several times. Yes! courage! Oh, cried the old man, so I will

dress. At one sharp he rushes from ray ban prescription sunglasses Marylou to Camille - of course neither one of them knows whats going on - and bangs her once, giving me time to arrive at one-thirty. Then he comes out with me - first he has to beg with Camille, whos already started hating me - and we come here to talk till six in the morning. We usually spend more time than th ray ban prescription sunglasses at, but its getting awfully complicated and hes pressed for time. Then at six he goes back to Marylou and hes going to spend all day tomorrow running around to get the necessary papers for their divorce. Marylous all for it, but she insists on banging in the interim. She says she loves him - so does Camille.. Then he told me how Dean had met Camille. Roy Johnson, the poolhall boy, had found her in a bar and took her to a hotel; pride taking over

with her brother in order to get close to her. Nothing was going to happen except starvation for Terry and me, so in the morning I walked around the countryside asking for cotton-picking work. Everybody told me to go to the farm across the highway from the camp. I went, and the farmer was in the kitchen with his women. He came out, listened to my story, and warned me he was paying only three dollars per hundred pounds of picked cotton. I pictured myself picking at least three hundred pounds a day and took the job. He fished ou ray ban prescription sunglasses t some long canvas bags from the barn and told me the picking started at dawn. I rushed back to Terry, all glee. On the way a grape truck went over a bump in the road and threw off great bunches of grapes on the hot tar. ray ban prescription sunglasses I picked them up and took them home. Terry was

snuffed. We were on the ferry ray ban prescription sunglasses and Dean had leaped out to lean over the rail. I followed, but Bull sat on in the car, snuffing, thfump. There was a mystic wraith of fog over the brown waters that night, together with dark driftwoods; and across the way New Orleans glowed orange-bright, with a few dark ships at her hem, ghostly fogbound Cereno ships with Spanish ray ban prescription sunglasses balconies and ornamental poops, till you got up close and saw they were just old freighters from Sweden and Panama. The ferry fires glowed in the night; the same Negroes plied the shovel and sang. Old Big Slim Hazard had once worked on the Algiers ferry as a deckhand; this made me think of Mississippi Gene too; and as the river poured down from mid-America by starlight I knew, I knew like mad that everything I had ever known and