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and as he made a noise undressing, she complained of a headache, then asked carelessly what had happened that evening. Monsieur Leon, he said, went to his room early. She could not help smiling, and she fell asleep, her soul filled with a new delight. The next day, at dusk, she received a visit from Monsieur Lherueux, the draper. He was a man of ability, was this shopkeeper. Born a Gascon but bred a Norman, he grafted upon his southern volubility the cunning of the Cauchois. His fat, flabby, beardless face seemed dyed by a d cheap ray ban sunglasses ecoction of liquorice, and his white hair made even more vivid the keen brilliance of his small black eyes. No one knew what he had been formerly; a pedlar said some, a banker at Routot according to other cheap ray ban sunglasses s. What was certain was that he made complex calculations in his

said hurriedly Ah! do not speak of it again! Where are the horses? Let us go back. He made a gesture of a cheap ray ban sunglasses nger and annoyance. She repeated: Where are the horses? Where are the horses? Then smiling a strange smile, his pupil fixed, his teeth set, he advanced with outstretched arms. She recoiled trembling. She stammered: Oh, you frighten me! You hurt me! Let me go! If it must be, he went on, his face changing; and he again became respectful, caressing, timid. She gave him her arm. They went back. He said What was the matter with you? Why? I do not unders cheap ray ban sunglasses tand. You were mistaken, no doubt. In my soul you are as a Madonna on a pedestal, in a place lofty, secure, immaculate. But I need you to live! I must have your eyes, your voice, your thought! Be my friend, my sister, my angel! And he put out

convalescence had contracted the habit of coming too often to the kitchen with her two nurslings and her boarder, better off for teeth than a cannibal. Then she got rid of the Homais family, successively dismissed all the other visitors, and even frequented church less assiduously, to the great approval of the druggist, who said to her in a friendly way You were going in a bit for the cassock! As formerly, Monsieur Bournisien dropped in every day when he came out after catechism class. He preferred staying out of doors t cheap ray ban sunglasses o taking the air in the grove, as he called the arbour. This was the time when Charles came home. They were hot; some sweet cid cheap ray ban sunglasses er was brought out, and they drank together to madames complete restoration. Binet was there; that is to say, a little lower down against the

drove her more and more to plunge into the pleasures of life. She was becoming irritable, greedy, voluptuous; and she walked about the streets with him carrying her head high, without fear, so she said, of compromising herself. At times, however, Emma shuddered at the su cheap ray ban sunglasses dden thought of meeting Rodolphe, for it seemed to her that, although they were separated forever, she was not completely free from her subjugation to him. One night she did not return to Yonville at all. Charles lost his head with anxiety, and little Berthe would not go to bed without her mamma, and sobbed enough to break her heart. Justin had gone out searching the road at random. Monsieur Homais even had left his pharm cheap ray ban sunglasses acy. At last, at eleven oclock, able to bear it no longer, Charles harnessed his chaise, jumped in,

Homais had so worded it that it was impossible to make out what it was all about. First, the old fellow had fallen as if struck by apoplexy. Next, he understood that she was not dead, but she might be. At last, he had put on his blouse, taken his hat, fastened his spurs to his boots, and set out at full speed; and the whole of the way old Rouault, panting, was torn by anguish. Once even he was obliged to dismount. He was dizzy; he heard voices round about him; he felt himself going mad. Day broke. He saw three black hens asleep in a tree. He shuddered, horrified at this omen. Then he promised cheap ray ban sunglasses the Holy Virgin three chasubles for the church, and that he would go barefooted from the cemetery at Bertaux to the chapel cheap ray ban sunglasses of Vassonville. He entered Maromme shouting for the people of the inn, burst

Denver? I mean what are you doing? Whats going on?. .Oh, wait till I tell you.. I rushed over to meet him. He was working in Mays department store nights; crazy Ray Rawlins called him up there from a bar, getting janitors to run after Carlo with a story that somebody had died. Carlo immediately thought it was me who had died. And Rawlins said cheap ray ban sunglasses over the phone, .Sals in Denver,. and gave him my address and phone. .And where is Dean?. .Dean is in Denver. Let me te cheap ray ban sunglasses ll you.. And he told me that Dean was making love to two girls at the same time, they being Marylou, his first wife, who waited for him in a hotel room, and Camille, a new girl, who waited for him in a hotel room. .Between the two of them he rushes to me for our own unfinished business.. .And what business is that??. .Dean and I are

Terry and I got up in the middle of the night and brushed the sand off the sheets. In the morning I got up, washed, and took a walk around the place. We were five miles out of Sabinal in the cotton fields and grape vineyards. I asked the big fat woman who owned the camp if any of the tents were vacant. The cheapest one, a dollar a day, was vacant. I fished up a dollar and moved into it. There were a bed, a stove, and a cracked mirror hanging from a pole; it was del cheap ray ban sunglasses ightfu cheap ray ban sunglasses l. I had to stoop to get in, and when I did there was my baby and my baby boy. We waited for Rickey and Ponzo to arrive with the truck. They arrived with beer bottles and started to get drunk in the tent. .How about the manure?. .Too late today. Tomorrow, man, we make a lot of money; today we have a few beers. What do you

was a place where men went to meet during o cheap ray ban sunglasses r after work, and all there was was a long counter, brass rails, spittoons, player piano for music, a few mirrors, and barrels of whisky at ten cents a shot together with barrels of beer at five cents a mug. Now all you get is chromium, drunken women, fags, hostile bartenders, anxious owners who hover around the door, worried 87 about their leather seats and the law; just a lot of screaming at the wrong time and deadly silence when a stranger walks in.. We argued about bars. .All right,. he said, .Ill take you to New Orleans tonight and show you what I mean.. And he deliberatel cheap ray ban sunglasses y took us to the dullest bars. We left Jane with the children; supper was over; she was reading the want ads of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. I asked her if she was