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letters. Each animal in its stall whisked its tail when anyone went near and said Tchk! tchk! The boards of the harness room shone like the flooring of a drawing room. The carriage harness was piled up in the middle against two rubber ray ban wayfarer twisted columns, and the bits, the whips, the spurs, the curbs, were ranged in a line all along the wall. Charles, meanwhile, went to ask a groom to put his horse to. The dog-cart was brought to the foot of the steps, and, all the parcels being crammed in, the Bovarys paid their respects to the Marquis and Marchioness and set out again for Tostes. Emma watched the turning wheels in silence. Charles, on the extreme edge of the seat, held the reins with his two arms wide apart, and the little horse ambled along in the shafts that were too big for h rubber ray ban wayfarer im. The loose reins

fetes. Through the bars of the arbour and away beyond, the river seen in the fields, meandering through the grass in wandering curves. The evening vapours rose between the leafless poplars, touching their outlines with a violet tint, paler and more transparent than a subtle gauze caught athwart their branches. In the distance cattle moved about; neither their steps nor their lowing could be heard; and the bell, still ringing through the air, kept up its peaceful lamentation. With this repeated tinkling the thoughts of the young woman lost themselves in old memories of her youth and school-days. She remembered the great candlesticks that rose above the vases full of flowers on the altar, and rubber ray ban wayfarer the tabernacle with its small columns. She would have liked to be once more lost in the long line o rubber ray ban wayfarer f

some figures in his waste-book. Why didnt you bring her? she went on in a low voice. Hush! hush! said Emma, pointing with her finger to the druggist. But Binet, quite absorbed in looking over his bill, had probably heard nothing. At last he went out. Then Emma, relieved, uttered a deep sigh. How hard you are breathing! said Madame Homais. Well, you see, its rather warm, she replied. So the next day they t rubber ray ban wayfarer alked over how to arrange their rendezvous. Emma wanted to bribe her servant with a present, but it would be better to find some safe house at Yonville. Rodolphe promised to look for one. All through the winter, three or four times a week, in the dead of night he came to the garden. Emma had on purpose taken away the key of the gate, which Charles thought lost. To call her, rubber ray ban wayfarer Rodolphe threw

from his bare neck full of sobs and kisses. Emma leant forward to see him, clutching the velvet of the box with her nails. She was filling her heart with these melodious lamentations that were drawn out to the accompaniment of the double-basses, like the cries of the drowning in the tumult of a tempest. She recognised all the intoxication and the anguish that had alm rubber ray ban wayfarer ost killed her. The voice of a prima donna seemed to her to be but echoes of her conscien rubber ray ban wayfarer ce, and this illusion that charmed her as some very thing of her own life. But no one on earth had loved her with such love. He had not wept like Edgar that last moonlit night when they said, To-morrow! to-morrow! The theatre rang with cheers; they recommenced the entire movement; the lovers spoke of the flowers on their tomb, of vows,

the worse. Let him deceive me! What does it matter to me? As If I cared for him! One day, when th rubber ray ban wayfarer ey had parted early and she was returning alone along the boulevard, she saw the walls of her convent; then she sat down on a form in the shade of the elm-trees. How calm that time had been! How she longed for the rubber ray ban wayfarer ineffable sentiments of love that she had tried to figure to herself out of books! The first month of her marriage, her rides in the wood, the viscount that waltzed, and Lagardy singing, all repassed before her eyes. And Leon suddenly appeared to her as far off as the others. Yet I love him, she said to herself. No matter! She was not happyshe never had been. Whence came this insufficiency in lifethis instantaneous turning to decay of everything on which she leant? But if there were

constrained air when they had met two or three times since. But the respectful tone of the letter deceived him. Perhaps they loved one another platonically, he said to himself. Besides, Charles was not of those who go to the bottom of things; he shrank from the proofs, and his vague jealousy was lost in the immensity of his woe. Everyone, he thought, must have adored her; all men assuredly must have coveted her. She seemed but the more beautiful to him for this; he was seized with a lasting, furious desire for her, that inflamed his despair, and that was boundless, because it was now unrealisabl rubber ray ban wayfarer e. To please her, as if she were still living, he adopted her predilections, her ideas; he bought patent leather boots and took to wearing white cravats. He put cosmetics on hi rubber ray ban wayfarer s moustache, and, like

youre talking absolute bullshit and Wolfean romantic posh!. said Carlo. And Dean said, . rubber ray ban wayfarer I didnt mean that at all, but well let Sal have his own mind, and in fact, dont you think, Carlo, theres a kind of a dignity in the way hes sitting there and digging us, crazy cat came all the way across the country - old Sal wont tell, old Sal wont tell.. .It isnt that I wont tell,. I protested. .I just dont know what youre both driving at or trying to get at. I know its too much for anybody.. .Everything you say is negative.. .Then what is it youre trying to do?. .Tell him.. .No, you tell him.. .Theres nothing to tell,. I said and laughed. I had on Carlos hat. I pulled it down over my eyes rubber ray ban wayfarer . .I want to sleep,. I said. .Poor Sal always wants to sleep.. I kept quiet. They started in again. .When you

go to New York with you.. .But how?. .I dont know, honey. Ill miss you. I love you.. .But I have to leave.. .Yes, yes. We lay down one more time, then you leave.. We went back to the barn; I made love to her under the tarantula. What was the tarantula doing? We slept awhile on the crates as the fire 60 died. She went back at midnight; her father was drunk; I could hear him roaring; then there was silence as he fell asleep. The stars folded over the sleeping countryside. In rubber ray ban wayfarer the morning Farmer Heffelfinger stuck his head through the horse gate and said, .How you doing, young fella?. .Fine. I hope its all right my staying here.. .Sure thing. You going with that little Mexican floozy?. .Shes a very nice girl.. .Very pretty too. rubber ray ban wayfarer I think the bull jumped the fence. Shes got blue eyes.. We talked