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floor, overlooking the Place. He blushed at the compliment of his landlord, who had already turned to the doctor, and was enumerating to him, one after the other, all the principal inhabitants of Yonville. He was telling anecdotes, giving information; the fortune lenses for ray ban sunglasses of the notary was not known exactly, and there was the Tuvache household, who made a good deal of show. Emma continued, And what music do you prefer? Oh, German music; that which makes you dream. Have you been to the opera? Not yet; but I shall go next year, when I am living at Paris to finish reading for the bar. A lenses for ray ban sunglasses s I had the honour of putting it to your husband, said the chemist, with regard to this poor Yanoda who has run away, you will find yourself, thanks to his extravagance, in the possession of one of the most comfortable

seem so, because in the midst of the world I know how to wear the mask of a scoffer upon my face; and yet, how many a time at the sight of a cemetery by moonlight have I not asked myself whether it were not better to join those sleeping there! Oh! and your friend lenses for ray ban sunglasses s? she said. You do not think of them. My friends! What friends? Have I any? Who cares for me? And he accompanied the last words with a kind of whistling of the lips. But they were obliged to separate from each other because of a great pile of chairs that a man was carrying behind them. He was so overladen with them that one could only see the tips of his lenses for ray ban sunglasses wooden shoes and the ends of his two outstretched arms. It was Lestiboudois, the gravedigger, who was carrying the church chairs about amongst the people. Alive to all that

of the lamp; she would embroider him slippers; she would look after the house; she would fill all the home with her charm and her gaiety. At last, they would think of her marria lenses for ray ban sunglasses ge; they would find her some good young fellow with a steady business; he would make her happy; this would last for ever. Emma was not asleep; she pretended to be; and while he dozed off by her side she awakened to other dreams. To the gallop of lenses for ray ban sunglasses four horses she was carried away for a week towards a new land, whence they would return no more. They went on and on, their arms entwined, without a word. Often from the top of a mountain there suddenly glimpsed some splendid city with domes, and bridges, and ships, forests of citron trees, and cathedrals of white marble, on whose pointed steeples were storks nests. They

did have a little misunderstanding. She asked what misunderstanding, for Charles had said nothing of the dispute about the goods supplied to her. Why, you know well enough, cried Lheureux. It was about lenses for ray ban sunglasses your little fanciesthe travelling trunks. He had drawn his hat over his eyes, and, with his hands behind his back, smiling and whistling, he looked straight at her in an unbearable manner. Did he suspect anything? She was lost i lenses for ray ban sunglasses n all kinds of apprehensions. At last, however, he went on We made it up, all the same, and Ive come again to propose another arrangement. This was to renew the bill Bovary had signed. The doctor, of course, would do as he pleased; he was not to trouble himself, especially just now, when he would have a lot of worry. And he would do better to give it over to someone

shield lenses for ray ban sunglasses . She went out. The walls trembled, the ceiling was crushing her, and she passed back through the long alley, stumbling against the heaps of dead leaves scattered by the wind. At last she reached the ha-ha hedge in front of the gate; she broke her nails against the lock in her haste to open it. Then a hundred steps farther on, breathless, almost falling, she stopped. And now turning round, she once more saw the impassive chateau, with the park, the gardens, the three courts, and all the windows of the facade. She remained lost in stupor, and having no more consciousness of herself than through the beating of her arteries, that she seemed to hear bursting forth like a deafening music filling all the fields. The earth beneath her feet was more yielding th lenses for ray ban sunglasses an the sea, and the furrows

in the middle of nowhere and black as hell, and I look up and see that name Shelton written on the watertank. Bound for the Pacific, everybody snoring, every damn dumb sucker, and we only stayed a few minutes, stoking up or something, and off we went. Damn me, this Shelton! I hated this place ever since!. And we were stuck in Shelton. As in Davenport, Iowa, somehow all the cars were farmer-cars, lenses for ray ban sunglasses and once in a while a tourist car, which is worse, with old men driving and their wives pointing out the sights or poring over maps, and sitting back looking at everything with suspicious faces. The drizzle increased and Eddie got cold; he had very little clothing. I fished a wool plaid shirt from my canvas bag and he put it on. He felt a little better. I had a cold. I bought cough lenses for ray ban sunglasses drops in a

black book, in which were names of people, mostly seamen, who owed him money. Beside their names he wrote curses in red ink. I dreaded the day Id ever find my way lenses for ray ban sunglasses into that book. Lately Id been sending so much money to my aunt that I only bought four or five dollars worth of groceries a week. In keeping with what President Truman said, lenses for ray ban sunglasses I added a few more dollars worth. But Remi felt it wasnt my proper share; so hed taken to hanging the grocery slips, the long ribbon slips with itemized prices, on the wall of the bathroom for me to see and understand. Lee Ann was convinced Remi was hiding money from her, and that I was too, for that matter. She threatened to leave him. Remi curled his lip. .Where do you think youll go?. .Jimmy.. .Jimmy? A cashier at the racetrack? Do you hear that, Sal, Lee

the beat. The drummer, Denzil Best, sat motionless! except for his wrists snapping the brushes. And Shearing began to rock; a smile broke over his ecstatic face; he began to rock in the piano seat, back and forth, slowly at first, then the beat went up, and he began rocking fast, his left foot jumped up with every beat, his neck began to rock crookedly, he brought his face down to the keys, he pushed his hair back, his combed hair dissolved, he began to sweat. The music I picked up. The bass-player hunched over and socked it in, faster and faster lenses for ray ban sunglasses , it seemed fast lenses for ray ban sunglasses er and faster, thats all. Shearing began to play his chords; they rolled out of the piano in great rich showers, youd think the man wouldnt have time to line them up. They rolled and rolled like the sea. Folks yelled for him to .Go!.