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prevent his speaking out late ray ban sunglass store r on, should he notice anything. So every morning Homais brought him the paper, and often in the aft ray ban sunglass store ernoon left his shop for a few moments to have a chat with the Doctor. Charles was dull: patients did not come. He remained seated for hours without speaking, went into his consulting room to sleep, or watched his wife sewing. Then for diversion he employed himself at home as a workman; he even tried to do up the attic with some paint which had been left behind by the painters. But money matters worried him. He had spent so much for repairs at Tostes, for madames toilette, and for the moving, that the whole dowry, over three thousand crowns, had slipped away in two years. Then how many things had been spoilt or lost during their carriage from Tostes to Yonville,

the word. He passed his hand over his face, like a man seized with giddiness. Then he let it fall on Emmas. She took hers away. And who would be surprised at it, gentlemen? He only who is so blind, so plunged I do not fear to say it, so plunged in the prejudices of another age as sti ray ban sunglass store ll to misunderstand the spirit of agricultural populations. Where, indeed, is to be found more patriotism than in the country, greater devotion to the public welfar ray ban sunglass store e, more intelligence, in a word? And, gentlemen, I do not mean that superficial intelligence, vain ornament of idle minds, but rather that profound and balanced intelligence that applies itself above all else to useful objects, thus contributing to the good of all, to the common amelioration and to the support of the state, born of respect for law

rubbin ray ban sunglass store g one against the other, had effaced each other. Finally, he read some of her letters; they were full of explanations relating to their journey, short, technical, and urgent, like business notes. He wanted to see the long ones again, those of old times. In order to find them at the bottom of the box, Rodolphe disturbed all the others, and mechanically began rummaging amidst this mass of papers and things, finding pell-mell bouquets, garters, a black mask, pins, and hairhair! dark and fair, some even, catching in the hinges of the box, broke when it was opened. Thus dallying with his souvenirs, he examined the writing and the style of the letters, as varied as their orthography. They were tender or jovial, facetious, melancholy; there were som ray ban sunglass store e that asked for love, others that asked

without his services. Twenty times a day she sent for him, ray ban sunglass store and he at once put by his business without a murmur. People could not understand either why Mere Rollet breakfasted with her every day, and even paid her private visits. It was about this time, that is to say, the beginning of winter, that she seemed seized with great musical fervour. One evening when Charles was listening to her, she began the same piece four times over, each time with much vexation, while he, not noticing any difference, cried Bravo! very goodl You are wrong to stop. Go on! Oh, no; it is execrable! My fingers are quite rusty. The next day he begged her to play him something again. Very well; to please you! And Charles confessed she had gone off a littl ray ban sunglass store e. She played wrong notes and blundered; then, stopping short

had tortured her. She hated no one now; a twilight dimness was settling upon her thoughts, and, of all earthly noises, Emma heard none but the intermittent lamentations of this poor heart, sweet and indistinct like the echo o ray ban sunglass store f a symphony dying away. Bring me the child, she said, raising herself on her elbow. You are not worse, are you? asked Charles. No, no! The child, serious, and still half-asleep, was ca ray ban sunglass store rried in on the servants arm in her long white nightgown, from which her bare feet peeped out. She looked wonderingly at the disordered room, and half-closed her eyes, dazzled by the candles burning on the table. They reminded her, no doubt, of the morning of New Years day and Mid-Lent, when thus awakened early by candle-light she came to her mothers bed to fetch her presents, for she

night. They smiled when I told them. .Go ahead, hurry up.. .You can have a couple shots!. I reassured them. .Oh no, we never drink, go ahead.. Montana Slim and the two high-school boys wandered the streets of North Platte with me till I found a whisky store. They chipped in some, and Slim some, and I bought a fifth. Tall, sullen men watched us go by from false- ray ban sunglass store front buildings; th ray ban sunglass store e main street was lined with square box-houses. There were immense vistas of the plains beyond every sad street. I felt something different in the air in North Platte, I didnt know what it was. In five minutes I did. We got back on the truck and roared off. It got dark quickly. We all had a shot, and suddenly I looked, and the verdant farmfields of the Platte began to disappear and in their stead, so far you

myself, look out now, and I hung on. You never saw a driving fool like that. He made Tracy in no time. Tracy is a railroad to ray ban sunglass store wn; brakemen eat surly meals in diners by the tracks. Trains ho ray ban sunglass store wl away across the valley. The sun goes down long and red. All the magic names of the valley unrolled -Manteca, Madera, all the rest. Soon it got dusk, a grapy dusk, a purple dusk over tangerine groves and long melon fields; the sun the color of pressed grapes, slashed with burgundy red, the fields the color of love and Spanish mysteries. I stuck my head out the window and took deep breaths of the fragrant air. It was the most beautiful of all moments. The madman was a brakeman with the Southern Pacific and he lived in Fresno; his father was also a brakeman. He lost his toe in the Oakland yards, switching,

confusion of jam on the floor, pants, dresses throw ray ban sunglass store n ray ban sunglass store around, cigarette butts, dirty dishes, open books - it was a great forum we were having. Every day the world groaned to turn and we were making our appalling studies of the night. Marylou was black and blue from a fight with Dean about something; his face was scratched. It was time to go. We drove to my house, a whole gang of ten, to get my bag and call Old Bull Lee in New Orleans 79 from the phone in the bar where Dean and I had our first talk years ago when he came to my door to learn to write. We heard Bulls whining voice eighteen hundred miles away. .Say, what do you boys expect me to do with this Galatea Dunkel? Shes been here two weeks now, hiding in her room and refusing to talk to either Jane or me. Have you got this character Ed