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great piece of wast ray ban clubmaster e ground, on which pell-mell, amid a mass of sand and stones, were a few break-wheels, already rusty, surrounded by a quadrangular building pierced by a number of little windows. The building was unfinished; the sky could be seen through the joists of the roofing. Attached to the stop-plank of the gable a bunch of straw mixed with corn-ears fluttered its tricoloured ribbons in the wind. Homais was talking. He explained to the company the future importance of this establishment, computed the strength of the floorings, the thickness of the walls, and regretted extremely not having a yard-stick such as Monsieur Binet possessed for his own special use. Emma ray ban clubmaster , who had taken his arm, bent lightly against his shoulder, and she looked at the suns disc shedding afar through the

Yonville, with the gardens at the waters edge, the yards, the walls and the church steeple. Emma half closed her eyes to pick out her house, and never had this poor village where she lived appeared so small. From the height on which they were the whole valley seemed an immense pale lake sending off its vapour into the air. Clumps of trees here and there stood o ray ban clubmaster ut like black rocks, and the tall lines of the poplars that rose above the mist were like a beach stirred by the wind. By the side, on the turf between the pines, a brown light shimmered in the warm atmosphere. The earth, ruddy like the ray ban clubmaster powder of tobacco, deadened the noise of their steps, and with the edge of their shoes the horses as they walked kicked the fallen fir cones in front of them. Rodolphe and Emma thus went along the

dreamed of over a portrait of La Valliere, and who, trailing with so much majesty the lace-trimmed trains of their long gowns, retired into solitudes to shed at the feet of Christ all the tears of ray ban clubmaster hearts that life had wounded. Then she gave herself up to excessive charity. She sewed clothes for the poor, she sent wood to women in childbed; and Charles one day, on coming home, found three good-for-nothings in the kitchen seated at the table eating soup. She had her little girl, whom during her illness her husband had sent back to the nurse, brought home. She wanted to teach her to read; eve ray ban clubmaster n when Berthe cried, she was not vexed. She had made up her mind to resignation, to universal indulgence. Her language about everything was full of ideal expressions. She said to her child, Is your

doctor would sign him two bills, one of which was for seven hundred francs, payable in three months. In order to arrange for this he wrote his mother a pathetic letter. Instead of sending a reply she came herself; and when Emma wanted to know whether he had got anything out of her, Yes, he replied; but she wants to see the account. The next morning at daybreak Emma ran to Lheureux to beg him to make out another account for not more than a thousand francs, for to show the one for four ray ban clubmaster thousand it would be necessary to say that she had paid two-thirds, and c ray ban clubmaster onfess, consequently, the sale of the estatea negotiation admirably carried out by the shopkeeper, and which, in fact, was only actually known later on. Despite the low price of each article, Madame Bovary senior, of course, thought the

burn, tiring his eyes against the glare of their yellow flame. The watering on the satin gown shimmered white as moonlight. Emma was lost beneath it; and it seemed to him that, spreading beyond her own self, she blended confusedly with everything around herthe silence, the night, the passing wind, the damp odours rising from the ground. Then suddenly he saw her in the garden at Tostes, on a bench again ray ban clubmaster st the thorn hedge, or else at Rouen in the streets, on the threshold of their house, in the yard at Bertaux. He again heard the laughter of the happy boys beneath the apple-trees: the room was filled with the perfume of her hair; and her dress rustled in his arms with a noise like electricity. ray ban clubmaster The dress was still the same. For a long while he thus recalled all his lost joys, her attitudes,

cold. Finally it was so cold I couldnt sleep, and I went downstairs. The old man asked me how his invention worked. I said it worked damned good, and I meant it within bounds. I liked the man. He was ray ban clubmaster lean with memories. .I once made a spot remover that has since been copied by big firms in the East. Ive been trying to collect on that for some years now. If I only had enough money to raise a decent lawyer . . .. But it was too late to raise a decent lawyer; and he sat in his house dejectedly. In the evening we had a wonderful dinner his mother cooked, venison steak that Chads uncle had shot in the mountains. But where was Dean? 27 7 The following ten days were, as W. ray ban clubmaster C. Fields said, .fraught with eminent peril. - and mad. I moved in with Roland Major in the really swank apartment that

Mariana. said Rickey. .Manana, man, we make it; have another beer, man, ray ban clubmaster dah you go, dab you go!. We staggered out and got in the car; off we went to a highway bar. Ponzo was a big, loud, vociferous type who knew everybody in San Joaquin Valley. From the highway bar I went with him alone in the car to find a farmer; instead we wound up in Madera Mextown, digging ray ban clubmaster the girls and trying to pick up a few for him and Rickey. And then, as purple dusk descended over the grape country, I found myself sitting dumbly in the car as he argued with some old Mexican at the kitchen door about the price of a watermelon the old man grew in the back yard. We got the watermelon; we ate it on the spot and threw the rinds on the old mans dirt sidewalk. All kinds of pretty little girls were cutting down the

up new ones. We all took shots and meanwhile we talked. Bull was curious to know the reason for this trip. He peered at us and snuffed down his nose, thfump, like a sound in a dry tank. .Now, Dean, I want you to sit quiet a minute and tell me what youre doing crossing the country like this.. Dean could only blush and say, .Ah well, you know how it is.. .Sal, what are you g ray ban clubmaster oing to the Coast for?. .Only for a few days. Im coming back to school.. .Whats the score with this Ed Dunkel? What kind of character is he?. At that moment Ed was making up to Galatea in the bedroom; it didnt take him long. We didnt know what to tell Bull about Ed Dunkel. Seeing that we didnt know anything about ourselves, h ray ban clubmaster e whipped out three sticks of tea and said to go ahead, supperd be ready soon. .Aint nothing