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go far to find you some, rely on that. And he began asking after Pere Tellier, the proprietor of the Cafe ray ban polarized Francais, whom Monsieur Bovary was then attending. Whats the matter with Pere ray ban polarized Tellier? He coughs so that he shakes his whole house, and Im afraid hell soon want a deal covering rather than a flannel vest. He was such a rake as a young man! Those sort of people, madame, have not the least regularity; hes burnt up with brandy. Still its sad, all the same, to see an acquaintance go off. And while he fastened up his box he discoursed about the doctors patients. Its the weather, no doubt, he said, looking frowningly at the floor, that causes these illnesses. I, too, dont feel the thing. One of these days I shall even have to consult the doctor for a pain I have in my back. Well, good-bye,

I have bespoken itbought it. Have I done right? Do tell me? She nodded her head in assent; then a quarter of an hour later Are you going out to-night? she asked. Yes. Why? Oh, nothing, nothing, my dear! And as soon as she had got rid of Charles she went and shut herself up in her room. At first she felt stunned; she saw the trees, the paths, the ditches, Rodolphe, and she again felt the pressure of his arm, w ray ban polarized hile the leaves rustled and the reeds whistled. ray ban polarized But when she saw herself in the glass she wondered at her face. Never had her eyes been so large, so black, of so profound a depth. Something subtle about her being transfigured her. She repeated, I have a lover! a lover! delighting at the idea as if a second puberty had come to her. So at last she was to know those joys of love, that

condemned the theatre, she must be right; we must submit to her decrees. Why, asked the druggist, should she excommunicate actors? For formerly they openly took part in religious ceremonies. Yes, in the middle of the chancel they acted; they performed a kind of farce called Mysteries, which often offended against the laws of decency. The ecclesiastic contented himself with uttering a groan, and the chemist went on Its like it is in the Bible; there there are, you know, more than one piquant detail, matters really libidinous! And on a gesture of irritation from Monsieur Bournisien Ah! youll admit that it is not a book to place in the hands of a ray ban polarized young girl, and I should be sorry if Athalie But it is ray ban polarized the Protestants, and not we, cried the other impatiently, who recommend the Bible. No matter,

your money, she said laughing. Each time Leon had to tell her everything that he had done since their last meeting. She asked him for some versessome verses for herself, a love poem in honour of her. But he never succeeded in getting a rhyme for the second verse; and at last ended b ray ban polarized y copying a sonnet in a Keepsake. This was less from vanity than from the one desire of pleasing her. He did not question her ideas; he accepted all ray ban polarized her tastes; he was rather becoming her mistress than she his. She had tender words and kisses that thrilled his soul. Where could she have learnt this corruption almost incorporeal in the strength of its profanity and dissimulation? Chapter Six During the journeys he made to see her, Leon had often dined at the chemists, and he felt obliged from politeness to invite

far away, for a long time. But when he thought of her lying there, and that all was over, that they would lay her in the earth, he was seized with a fierce, gloomy, despairful rage. At times he thought he felt nothing more, and he enjoyed this lull in his pain, whilst at the same time he reproached himself for being a wretch. The sharp noise of an iron-ferruled stick was heard on the stones, striking them at irregular intervals. It ray ban polarized came from the end of the church, and stopped short at the lower aisles. A man in a coarse brown jacket knelt down painfully. It was ray ban polarized Hippolyte, the stable-boy at the Lion dOr. He had put on his new leg. One of the choristers went round the nave making a collection, and the coppers chinked one after the other on the silver plate. Oh, make haste! I am in pain!

stuck up from behind fences. We went up carpeted stairs. Carlo knocked; then he darted to the back to hide; he didnt want Camille to see him. I stood in the door. Dean opened it stark naked. I saw a brunette on the bed, one beautiful creamy thigh covered with black lace, look up with mild wonder. .Why, Sa-a-al!. said Dean. .Well now - ah - ahem - yes, of course, youve arrived - you old son ray ban polarized umbitch you finally got on that old road. Well, now, look here - we must - yes, yes, at ray ban polarized once - we must, we really must! Now Camille - . And he swirled on her. .Sal is here, this is my old buddy from New Yor-r-k, this is his first night in Denver and its absolutely necessary for me to take him out and fix him up with a girl.. .But what time will you be back?. .It is now. looking at his watch .exactly one-

the thirties - that selfsame dustcloud my Montana cowboy had told me about - with the entire family in a jalopy truck. They had been in California ever since. They loved to work. In the ten years the old mans son had increased his children to the number of four, ray ban polarized some of whom were old enough now to pick cotton. And in that time they had progressed from ragged poverty in Simon Legree fields to a kind of smiling respectability in better tents, and that Vas all. They were extremely proud of their tent. .Ever going back to Nebraska?. .Pshaw, theres nothing back there. What we want to is buy a trailer.. We bent down an ray ban polarized d began picking cotton. It was beautiful. Across the field were the tents, and beyond them the brown cottonfields that stretched out of sight to the brown arroyo foothills and then

the want ads in the l ray ban polarized iving room; Bull was in the bathroom taking his fix, clu ray ban polarized tching his old black necktie in his teeth for a tourniquet and jabbing with the needle into his woesome arm with the thousand holes; Ed Dunkel was sprawled out with Galatea in the massive master bed that Old Bull and Jane never used; Dean was rolling tea; and Marylou and I imitated Southern aristocracy. .Why, Miss Lou, you look lovely and most fetching tonight.. .Why, thank you, Crawford, I sure do appreciate the nice things you do say.. Doors kept opening around the crooked porch, and members of our sad drama in the American night kept popping out to find out where everybody was. Finally I took a walk alone to the levee. I wanted to sit on the muddy bank and dig the Mississippi River; instead of that I had to