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time to time and emetic, a footbath, or leeches. It was not that he was afraid of surgery ray ban online ; he bled people copiously like horses, and for the taking o ray ban online ut of teeth he had the devils own wrist. Finally, to keep up with the times, he took in La Ruche Medicale, a new journal whose prospectus had been sent him. He read it a little after dinner, but in about five minutes the warmth of the room added to the effect of his dinner sent him to sleep; and he sat there, his chin on his two hands and his hair spreading like a mane to the foot of the lamp. Emma looked at him and shrugged her shoulders. Why, at least, was not her husband one of those men of taciturn passions who work at their books all night, and at last, when about sixty, the age of rheumatism sets in, wear a string of orders on their ill-

and stretching out his arms. Complained vaguely of life. Its because you dont take enough recreation, said the collector. What recreation? If I were you Id have a lathe. But I dont know how to turn, answered the clerk. Ah! thats true, said the oth ray ban online er, rubbing his chin with an air of mingled contempt and satisfaction. Leon was weary of loving without any result; moreover he was beginning to feel that depression caused by the repetition of the same kind of life, when no interest inspires an ray ban online d no hope sustains it. He was so bored with Yonville and its inhabitants, that the sight of certain persons, of certain houses, irritated him beyond endurance; and the chemist, good fellow though he was, was becoming absolutely unbearable to him. Yet the prospect of a new condition of life frightened as

blood-letting, less than the extraction of certain corns. Hippolyte, reflecting, rolled his stupid eyes. However, continued the chemist, it doesnt concern me. ray ban online Its for your sake, for pure humanity! I should like to see you, my friend, rid of your hideous caudication, together with that waddling of the lumbar regions which, whatever you say, must considerably interfere with you in the exercise of your calling. Then Homais represented to him how much jollier and brisker he would feel afterwards, and even gave him to understand that he would be more likely to please the women; and the stable-boy began to smile heavily. Then he attacked him through his vanity: Arent you a man ray ban online ? Hang it! what would you have done if you had had to go into the army, to go and fight beneath the standard? Ah!

all her banknotes, like a cuirass in the lining of her corset. On leaving the Bovarys the night before, Leon had followed them through the streets at a distance; then having seen them stop at the Croix-Rouge, he turned on his ray ban online heel, and spent the night meditating a plan. So the next day about five oclock he walked into the kit ray ban online chen of the inn, with a choking sensation in his throat, pale cheeks, and that resolution of cowards that stops at nothing. The gentleman isnt in, answered a servant. This seemed to him a good omen. He went upstairs. She was not disturbed at his approach; on the contrary, she apologised for having neglected to tell him where they were staying. Oh, I divined it! said Leon. He pretended he had been guided towards her by chance, by, instinct. She began to smile; and at

Emma suddenly began to sob on his breast, and his heart, like the people who can only stand a certain amount of music, dozed to the sound of a love whose delicacies he no longer noted. They knew one another too well for any of those surprises of possession that increase its joys a hundred-fold. She was as sick of him as he was weary of her. Emma found again in adultery all the platitudes of marriage. Bu ray ban online t how to get rid of him? Then, though she might feel humiliated at the baseness of such enjoyment, she clung to it from habit or from corruption, and each day she hungered after them the more, exhausting all felic ray ban online ity in wishing for too much of it. She accused Leon of her baffled hopes, as if he had betrayed her; and she even longed for some catastrophe that would bring about their separation,

the remark very offhand from a man in his position, comic even, and a little mean. The next day Charles wen ray ban online t to sit down on the seat in the arbour. Rays of light were straying through the trellis, the vine leaves threw their shadows on the sand, the jasmines perfumed the air, the heavens were blue, Spanish flies buzzed round the lilies in bloom, and Charles was suffocating like a youth beneath the vague love influences that filled his aching heart. I first met Dean not long after my wife and I split up. I had just gotten over a serious illness that I wont bother to talk about, except that it had something to do w ray ban online ith the miserably weary split-up and my feeling that everything was dead. With the coming of Dean Moriarty began the part of my life you could call my life on the road. Before that

tenor, and threw a highball in his face. We dragged him out. A baritone singer from the chorus joined us and we went to a regular Central City bar. Here Ray called the waitress a whore. A group of sullen men were ranged al ray ban online ong the bar; they hated tourists. One of them said, .You boys better be out of here by the count of ten.. We were. We staggered back to the shack and went to sleep. In the morning I woke up and turned over; a big cloud of dust rose from the mattress. I yanked at the window; it was nailed. Tim Gray was in the bed too. We coughed and sneezed. Our breakfast consisted of stale beer. Babe came back from her hotel and we got our things together to leave. Everything seemed to be collapsing. As we were going ou ray ban online t to the car Babe slipped and fell flat on her face. Poor girl was

life? I had my home to go to, my place to lay my head down and figure the losses and figure the gain that I knew was in there somewhere too. I had to panhandle two bits for the ray ban online bus. I finally hit a Greek minister who was ray ban online standing around the corner. He gave me the quarter with a nervous lookaway. I rushed immediately to the bus. When I got home I ate everything in the icebox. My aunt got up and looked at me. .Poor little Salvatore,. she said in Italian. .Youre thin, youre thin. Where have you been all this time?. I had on two shirts and two sweaters; my canvas bag had torn cottonfield pants and the tattered remnants of my huarache shoes in it. My aunt and I decided to buy a new electric refrigerator with the money I had sent her from California; it was to be the first one in the family. She