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down there, Leon standing up with one hand behind his cane, and with the other holding Athalie, who was quietly sucking a piece of ice. She thought him charming; she could not tear herself away from him; she recalled his other attitudes on other days, the words he had spoken, the sound of his voice, his whole person; and she repeated, pouting out her lips as if for a kiss Yes, ray ban sunglasses sale charming! charming! Is he not in love? she asked herself; but with whom? With me? All the proofs arose before her at once; her heart leapt. The flame of the fire threw a joyous light upon the ceiling; she turned on her back, stretching out her arms. Then began the eternal lamentatio ray ban sunglasses sale n: Oh, if Heaven had out willed it! And why not? What prevented it? When Charles came home at midnight, she seemed to have just awakened,

her face appeared in a bl ray ban sunglasses sale uish transparency as if she were floating under azure waves. But where are we going? He did not answer. She was breathing irregularly. Rodolphe looked round him biting his moustache. They came to a larger space where the coppice had been cut. They sat down on the trunk of a fallen tree, and Rodolphe began speaking to her of his love. He did not begin by frightening her with compliments. He was calm, serious, melancholy. Emma listened to him with bowed head, and stirred the bits of wood on the ground with the tip of her foot. But at the words, Are not our destinies now one? Oh, no! she replied. You know that well. It is impossible! She rose to go. He se ray ban sunglasses sale ized her by the wrist. She stopped. Then, having gazed at him for a few moments with an amorous and humid look, she

now enveloped all things with such indifference, she had words so affectionate with looks so haughty, such contradictory ways, that one could no longer distinguish egotism from charity, or corrupt ray ban sunglasses sale ray ban sunglasses sale ion from virtue. One evening, for example, she was angry with the servant, who had asked to go out, and stammered as she tried to find some pretext. Then suddenly So you love him? she said. And without waiting for any answer from Felicite, who was blushing, she added, There! run along; enjoy yourself! In the beginning of spring she had the garden turned up from end to end, despite Bovarys remonstrances. However, he was glad to see her at last manifest a wish of any kind. As she grew stronger she displayed more wilfulness. First, she found occasion to expel Mere Rollet, the nurse, who during her

nevertheless was very crestfallen before Emma, who did not hide the resentment she still felt at his want of confidence, and it needed many prayers before she would consent to have another power of attorney. He even accompanied her to Monsieur Guillaumin to have a second one, just like the other, drawn up. I understand, said the notary; a man of science cant be worried wi ray ban sunglasses sale th the practical det ray ban sunglasses sale ails of life. And Charles felt relieved by this comfortable reflection, which gave his weakness the flattering appearance of higher pre-occupation. And what an outburst the next Thursday at the hotel in their room with Leon! She laughed, cried, sang, sent for sherbets, wanted to smoke cigarettes, seemed to him wild and extravagant, but adorable, superb. He did not know what recreation of her whole being

on the shoulder We shall end by understanding one another. In the passage downstairs they met the undertakers men, who were coming in. Then Charles for two hours had to suffer the torture of hearing the hammer resound against the wood. Next day they lowered her into h ray ban sunglasses sale er oak coffin, that was fitted into the other two; but as the bier was too large, they had to fill ray ban sunglasses sale up the gaps with the wool of a mattress. At last, when the three lids had been planed down, nailed, soldered, it was placed outside in front of the door; the house was thrown open, and the people of Yonville began to flock round. Old Rouault arrived, and fainted on the Place when he saw the black cloth! Chapter Ten He had only received the chemists letter thirty-six hours after the event; and, from consideration for his feelings,

delightful family - a youngish mother, part owner of a decrepit, ghost-town hotel, with five sons and two daughters. The wild son was Ray Rawlins, Tim Grays boyhood buddy. Ray came roaring in to get me and we took to each other right away. We went off and drank in the Colfax bars. One of Rays sisters was a beautiful blonde called Babe - a tennis-playing, surf-riding doll of the West. She was Tim Grays girl. And Major, who was only passing through Denver and ray ban sunglasses sale doing so in real style in the apartment, was going out with Tim Grays sister Betty. I was the only guy without a girl. I asked everybody, .Wheres Dean?. They made smiling negative answers. Then finally it happened. The phone rang, and it was Carlo Marx. He gave me the address of his basement apartment. I said, .What are you doi ray ban sunglasses sale ng in

reeled to the music of a cowboy band, Terry and I and Johnny went into a motel room and got ready to hit the sack. Ponzo kept hanging around; he had no place to sleep. Rickey slept at his fathers house in the vineyard shack. .Where do you l ray ban sunglasses sale ive, Ponzo?. I asked. .Nowhere, man. Im supposed to live with Big Rosey but she threw me out last night. Im gonna get my truck and sleep in it ton ray ban sunglasses sale ight.. Guitars tinkled. Terry and I gazed at the stars together and kissed. .Manana. she said. .Everythingll be all right tomorrow, dont you think, Sal-honey, man?. .Sure, baby, manana.. It was always manana. For the next week that was all I heard manana, a lovely word and one that probably means heaven. Little Johnny jumped in bed, clothes and all, and went to sleep; sand spilled out of his shoes, Madera sand.

any mooching and mincing around, just talk and a very deep co ray ban sunglasses sale mpanionship that none of us would ever be able to fathom. Something curiously unsympathetic and cold between them was really a form of humor by which they communicated their own set of subtle vibrations. Love is all; Jane was never more than ten feet away from Bull and never missed a word he said, and he spoke in a very low voice, too. Dean and I were yelling about a big night in New Orleans and wanted Bull to show us around. He threw a damper on this. .New Orleans is a very dull town. Its against the law to go to the colored section. The bars are insufferably dreary.. I said, .There must be some ideal bars in town.. .The ideal bar does ray ban sunglasses sale nt exist in America. An ideal bar is something thats gone beyond our ken. In nineteen ten a bar