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gunshot in length and flanked by a few shops on either side stops short at the turn of the highroad. If it is left on the right hand and the foot of the Saint-Jean hills followed the cemetery is soon reached. At the time of the cholera, in order to enlarge this, a piece of wall was pulled down, and three acres of land by its side purchased; but all the new portion is almost tenantless; the tombs, as heretofore, continue to crowd together towards the gate. The keeper, who is at once gravedigger and church beadle thus making a double profit out of the parish corpses, has taken advantage of the unused plot of ground to plant potatoes there. From year to year, however, his small field grows smaller, and when t ray ban p here is an epidemic, he does not know whether to rejoice at the death ray ban p s or regret the

the table. With the movement she made in bending down, her dress it was a summer dress with four flounces, yellow, long in the waist and wide in the skirt spread out around her on the flags of the room; and as Emma stooping, staggered a little as she stretched out her arms. T ray ban p he stuff here and there gave with the inflections of her bust. Then she went to fetch a bottle of water, and she was melting some pieces of sugar when the ch ray ban p emist arrived. The servant had been to fetch him in the tumult. Seeing his pupils eyes staring he drew a long breath; then going around him he looked at him from head to foot. Fool! he said, really a little fool! A fool in four letters! A phlebotomys a big affair, isnt it! And a fellow who isnt afraid of anything; a kind of squirrel, just as he is who climbs to

all the evil ironies of triumphant adultery. The memory of her love ray ban p r came ray ban p back to her with dazzling attractions; she threw her whole soul into it, borne away towards this image with a fresh enthusiasm; and Charles seemed to her as much removed from her life, as absent forever, as impossible and annihilated, as if he had been about to die and were passing under her eyes. There was a sound of steps on the pavement. Charles looked up, and through the lowered blinds he saw at the corner of the market in the broad sunshine Dr. Canivet, who was wiping his brow with his handkerchief. Homais, behind him, was carrying a large red box in his hand, and both were going towards the chemists. Then with a feeling of sudden tenderness and discouragement Charles turned to his wife saying to her Oh, kiss me,

What is it? And he recognised the beadle, holding under his arms and balancing against his stomach some twenty large sewn volumes. They were works which treated of the cathedral. Idiot! growled Leon, rushing out of the church. A lad was playing about the close. Go and get me a cab! The child bounded off l ray ban p ike a ball by the Rue Quatre-Vents; then they wer ray ban p e alone a few minutes, face to face, and a little embarrassed. Ah! Leon! ReallyI dont knowif I ought, she whispered. Then with a more serious air, Do you know, it is very improper How so? replied the clerk. It is done at Paris. And that, as an irresistible argument, decided her. Still the cab did not come. Leon was afraid she might go back into the church. At last the cab appeared. At all events, go out by the north porch, cried the beadle,

the protested bills, the shopkeeper had bidden his friend Vincart take in his own name all the necessary proceedings, not wishing to pass for a tiger with his fellow-citizens. She mingled ray ban p her story with recriminations against Lheureux, to which the notary replied from time to time with some insignificant word. Eating his cutlet and drinking his tea, he buried his chin in his sky-blue cravat, into which were thrust two diamond pins, held together by a small gold chain; and he smiled a singular smile, in a sugary, ambiguo ray ban p us fashion. But noticing that her feet were damp, he said Do get closer to the stove; put your feet up against the porcelain. She was afraid of dirtying it. The notary replied in a gallant tone Beautiful things spoil nothing. Then she tried to move him, and, growing moved

station; the man and the two women in it wanted to study a map. I stepped right up and gestured in the rain; they consulted; I l ray ban p ooked like a maniac, of course, with my hair all wet, my shoes sopping. My shoes, damn fool that I am, were Mexican huaraches, plantlike sieves not fit for the rainy night of America and the raw road night. But the people let me in and rode me north to Newburgh, which I accepted 10 as a better alternative than being trapped in the Bear Mountain wilderness all night. .Besides,. said the man, .theres no traffic passes through 6. If you want to go to Chicago youd do better going across the Holland Tunnel in New York and hea ray ban p d for Pittsburgh,. and I knew he was right. It was my dream that screwed up, the stupid hearthside idea that it would be wonderful to follow one

drove to work in his ‘35 Ford, punched the clock exactly on time, and sat down at the rolltop desk. He labored painfully over the simple form we all had to fill out every night - rounds, time, what happened, and so on. Then he leaned back and told stories. .You should have been here about two months ago when me and Sledge. that was another cop, a youngster who wanted to be a Texas Ranger and had to be satisfi ray ban p ed with his present lot .arrested a drunk in Barrack G. Boy, you should have seen the blood fly. Ill take you over there tonight and show you the stains on the wall. We had him bouncing from one wall to another. First Sledge hit him, and then me, and then he subsided and 42 went quietly. That fellow ray ban p swore to kill us when he got out of jail - got thirty days. Here it is sixty days, and

Dakar. He said he almost jumped off the ship like Hart Crane on the way back. Dean sat on the floor with a music box and listened with tremendous amazement at the little song it played, .A Fine Romance. - .Little tinkling whirling doodlebells. Ah! Listen! Well all bend down together and look into the center of the music box till we l ray ban p earn about the secrets - tinklydoodle-bell, whe ray ban p e.. Ed Dunkel was also sitting on the floor; he had my drumsticks; he suddenly began beating a tiny beat to go with the music box, that we barely could hear. Everybody held his breath to listen. .Tick . . . tack . . . tick-tick . . . tack-tack.. Dean cupped a hand over his ear; his mouth hung open; he said, .Ah! Whee!. Carlo watched this silly madness with slitted eyes. Finally he slapped his knee and said, .I have