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irritated with him. As he ray ban shoes grew older his ray ban shoes manner grew heavier; at dessert he cut the corks of the empty bottles; after eating he cleaned his teeth with his tongue; in taking soup he made a gurgling noise with every spoonful; and, as he was getting fatter, the puffed-out cheeks seemed to push the eyes, always small, up to the temples. Sometimes Emma tucked the red borders of his under-vest unto his waistcoat, rearranged his cravat, and threw away the dirty gloves he was going to put on; and this was not, as he fancied, for himself; it was for herself, by a diffusion of egotism, of nervous irritation. Sometimes, too, she told him of what she had read, such as a passage in a novel, of a new play, or an anecdote of the upper ten that she had seen in a feuilleton; for, after all, Charles was

Taking a middle course, then, Leon looked for some place as second clerk at Rouen; found none, and at last wrote his mother ray ban shoes a long letter full of details, in which he set forth the reasons for going to live at Paris immediately. She consented. He did not hurry. Every day for a month Hivert carried boxes, valises, parcels for him from Yonvil ray ban shoes le to Rouen and from Rouen to Yonville; and when Leon had packed up his wardrobe, had his three arm-chairs restuffed, bought a stock of neckties, in a word, had made more preparations than for a voyage around the world, he put it off from week to week, until he received a second letter from his mother urging him to leave, since he wanted to pass his examination before the vacation. When the moment for the farewells had come, Madame Homais wept, Justin

pounds, and in which iron, wood, sheer-iron, leather, screws, and nuts had not been spared. But to know which of Hippolytes tendons to cut, it was necessary first of all to find out what kind of club-foot he had. He had a foot forming almost a straight line with the leg, which, however, did not prevent it from being turned in, so that it was an equinus together with something of a varus, or else a slight varus with a strong tendency to equinus. But with this equinus, wide in fo ray ban shoes ot like a horses hoof, with rugose skin, dry tendons, and large toes, on which th ray ban shoes e black nails looked as if made of iron, the clubfoot ran about like a deer from morn till night. He was constantly to be seen on the Place, jumping round the carts, thrusting his limping foot forwards. He seemed even stronger on that

other vocations attracted him, and his mother never ceased worrying him in every one of her letters. As they talked they explained more and more fully the motives of their sadness, working themselves up in their progressive confidence. But they sometimes stopped short of the complete exposition of their thought, and then sought to invent a phrase that might express it a ray ban shoes ll the same. She did not confess her passion for another; he did not say that he had forgotten her. Perhaps he no longer remembered his suppers with girls after masked balls; and no doubt she did not recollect the rendezvous ray ban shoes of old when she ran across the fields in the morning to her lovers house. The noises of the town hardly reached them, and the room seemed small, as if on purpose to hem in their solitude more closely.

more than great debauchery. She now felt constant ache al ray ban shoes l over her. Often she even received summonses, stamped paper that she barely looked at. She would have liked not to be alive, or to be always asleep. On Mid-Lent she did not return to Yonville, but in the evening went to a masked ball. She wore velvet ray ban shoes breeches, red stockings, a club wig, and three-cornered hat cocked on one side. She danced all night to the wild tones of the trombones; people gathered round her, and in the morning she found herself on the steps of the theatre together with five or six masks, debardeuses* and sailors, Leons comrades, who were talking about having supper. * People dressed as longshoremen. The neighbouring cafes were full. They caught sight of one on the harbour, a very indifferent restaurant, whose

in mystery. Then news came that Dean was out of reform school and was coming to New York for the first time; also there was talk that he had just married a girl called Marylou. One day I was hanging around the campus and Chad and Tim Gray told me Dean was staying in a cold-water pad ray ban shoes in East Harlem, the Spanish Harlem. Dean had arrived the night before, the first time in New York, with his beautiful little sharp chick Marylou; they got off the Greyhound bus at 50th Street and cut around the corner looking for a place to eat and went right in Hectors, and since then Hectors cafeteria has always been a big symbol of New York for Dean. They spent money on beautiful big glazed cakes and creampuffs. All this time Dean was telling Marylou things like this: .Now, da ray ban shoes rling, here we are in New York

it would be the last money Id ask; after that she would be getting money back from me, as soon as I got that ship. Then I went to meet Rita Bettencourt and took her back to the apartment. I got her in my bedroom after a long talk in the dark of the front room. She was a nice little girl, simple and true, and tremendously frightened of sex. I told her it was beautiful. I wanted to prove this to her. She let me prove it, but I was too impatient and proved nothing. She sighed in the dark. .What do you want out of life?. I asked, and I used to ask that all the time of girls. .I dont know,. she said. .Just wait on tables and try to get along.. She yawned. ray ban shoes I put my han ray ban shoes d over her mouth and told her not to yawn. I tried to tell her how excited I was about life and the things we could do together;

it was too late and I had also missed Dean. 64 PART TWO 65 1 It was over a year before I saw Dean again. I stayed home all that time, finished my book and began going to school on the GI Bill of Rights. At Christmas 1948 my aunt and I went down to vis ray ban shoes it my brother in Virginia, laden with pre ray ban shoes sents. I had been writing to Dean and he said he was coming East again; and I told him if so he would find me in Testament, Virginia, between Christmas and New Years. One day when all our Southern relatives were sitting around the parlor in Testament, gaunt men and women with the old Southern soil in their eyes, talking in low, whining voices about the weather, the crops, and the general weary recapitulation of who had a baby, who got a new house, and so on, a mud-spattered ‘49 Hudson drew up in front