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them a swarm of midges fluttered, buzzing in ray ban gradient aviator the warm air. They recognized the house by an old walnut-tree which shaded it. Low and covered with brown tiles, there hung outside it, beneath the dormer-window of th ray ban gradient aviator e garret, a string of onions. Faggots upright against a thorn fence surrounded a bed of lettuce, a few square feet of lavender, and sweet peas strung on sticks. Dirty water was running here and there on the grass, and all round were several indefinite rags, knitted stockings, a red calico jacket, and a large sheet of coarse linen spread over the hedge. At the noise of the gate the nurse appeared with a baby she was suckling on one arm. With her other hand she was pulling along a poor puny little fellow, his face covered with scrofula, the son of a Rouen hosier, whom his parents,

irresistible attractions find their cause in some previous state of existence. Thus we, he said, why did we come to know one another? What chance willed it? It was because across the infinite, like two streams that ray ban gradient aviator flow but to unite; our special bents of mind had driven us towards each other. And he seized her hand; she did not withdraw it. For good farming generally! cried the president. Just now, for example, when I went to your house. To Monsieur Bizat of Quincampoi ray ban gradient aviator x. Did I know I should accompany you? Seventy francs. A hundred times I wished to go; and I followed youI remained. Manures! And I shall remain to-night, to-morrow, all other days, all my life! To Monsieur Caron of Argueil, a gold medal! For I have never in the society of any other person found so complete a charm. To

I met just now at the door of the Cafe Francais. He has gone on a journey, or is to go. She gave a sob. What surprises you in that? He absents himself like that from time to time for a change, and, ma foi, I think hes right, when one has a fortune and is a bachelor. Besides, he has jolly times, has our friend. Hes a bit of a rake. Monsieur Langlois told me He stopped for proprietys sake because the servant came in. ray ban gradient aviator She put back into the basket the apricots scattered on the sideboard. Charles, without noticing his wifes colour, had them brought to him, took one, and bit into it. Ah! perfect! said he; just taste! And he handed her the basket, which she put away from her gently. Do jus ray ban gradient aviator t smell! What an odour! he remarked, passing it under her nose several times. I am choking, she cried,

under the pedestal of the clock. They lunched by the fireside on a little round table, inlaid with rosewood. Emma carved, put bits on his plate with all sorts of coquet ray ban gradient aviator tish ways, and she laughed with a sonorous and libertine laugh when the froth of the champagne ran over from the glass to the rings on her fingers. They were so completely lost in the possession of each other that they thought themselves in their ray ban gradient aviator own house, and that they would live there till death, like two spouses eternally young. They said our room, our carpet, she even said my slippers, a gift of Leons, a whim she had had. They were pink satin, bordered with swansdown. When she sat on his knees, her leg, then too short, hung in the air, and the dainty shoe, that had no back to it, was held only by the toes to her bare

what he called his mission, he returned to Bovarys in company with Canivet ray ban gradient aviator whom Monsieur Lariviere, before leaving, had strongly urged to make this visit; and he would, but for his wifes objections, have taken his two sons with him, in order to accustom them to great occasions; that this might be a lesson, an example, a solemn picture, that should remain in their heads later on. The room when they went in was full of mournful solemnity. On the work-table, covered over with a white cloth, there were five or six small balls of cotton in a silver dish, nea ray ban gradient aviator r a large crucifix between two lighted candles. Emma, her chin sunken upon her breast, had her eyes inordinately wide open, and her poor hands wandered over the sheets with that hideous and soft movement of the dying, that seems as if they

ruing a lost opportunity. The two Dakota boys said good-by to everybod ray ban gradient aviator y and figured theyd start harvesting here. We watched them disappear in the night toward the shacks at the end of town where lights were burning, where a watcher of the night in jeans said the employment men would be. I had to buy more cigarettes. Gene and the blond boy followed me to stretch their legs. I walked into the least likely place in the world, a kind of lonely Plains soda fountain for the local teenage girls and boys. They were dancing, a ray ban gradient aviator few of them, to the music on the jukebox. There was a lull when we came in. Gene and Blondey just stood there, looking at nobody; all they wanted was cigarettes. There were some pretty girls, too. And one of them made eyes at Blondey and he never saw it, and if he had he

hurled them at the bathroom door and told her to get out. .Go on, beat it!. Id sleep and forget it; I had my own life, my own sad and ragged life forev ray ban gradient aviator er. There was a dead silence in the bathroom. I took my clothes off and went to bed. Terry came out with tears of sorriness in her eyes. In her simple and funny little mind had been decided the fact that a pimp does not throw a womans shoes against the door and does not tell her to get out. In reverent and sweet little silence she took all her clothes off and slipped her tiny body into the shee ray ban gradient aviator ts with me. It was brown as grapes. I saw her poor belly where there was a Caesarian scar; her hips were so narrow she couldnt bear a child without getting gashed open. Her legs were like little sticks. She was only four foot ten. I made love to her in

track running down the middle and the sad, sullen Southerners loping in front of hardware stores and five-andtens. Solomon said, .I see you people need a little money to continue your journey. You wait for me and Ill go hustle up a few dollars at a Jewish home and Ill go along with you as far as Alabama.. Dean was all beside himself with happiness; he and I rushed off to buy bread and cheese spread for a lunch in the car. Marylou and Ed waited in the car. We spent two hours in Testament waiting for Hyman Solomon to show up; he was hustling for his brea ray ban gradient aviator d somewhere in town, but we couldnt ray ban gradient aviator see him. The sun began to grow red and late. Solomon never showed up so we roared out of Testament. .Now you see, Sal, God does exist, because we keep getting hung-up with this town, no matter what we try