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look of indecision, she would laugh, afraid of falling into the puddles of water. When they arrived in front of her garden, Madame Bovary opened the little gate, ran up the steps and disappeared. Leon returned to his office. His chief was away; he just glanced at the briefs, then cut himself ray ban rb4147 sunglasses a pen, and at last took up his hat and went out. He went to La Pature at the top of the Argueil hills at the beginning of the forest; he threw himself upon the ground under the pines and watched the sky through his fingers. How bored I am! he said to himself, how bored I am! He th ray ban rb4147 sunglasses ought he was to be pitied for living in this village, with Homais for a friend and Monsieru Guillaumin for master. The latter, entirely absorbed by his business, wearing gold-rimmed spectacles and red whiskers over a white

light, and the principal set piece, that was to represent a dragon biting his tail, failed completely. Now and then a meagre Roman-candle went off; ray ban rb4147 sunglasses then the gaping crowd sent up a shout that mingled with the cry of the women, whose waists were being squeezed in the darkness. Emma silently nestled against Charless shoulder; then, raising her chin, she watch ray ban rb4147 sunglasses ed the luminous rays of the rockets against the dark sky. Rodolphe gazed at her in the light of the burning lanterns. They went out one by one. The stars shone out. A few crops of rain began to fall. She knotted her fichu round her bare head. At this moment the councillors carriage came out from the inn. His coachman, who was drunk, suddenly dozed off, and one could see from the distance, above the hood, between the two lanterns, the mass

leaning against Charless shoulder. She smiled all the time. They went thus to the bottom of the garden near the terrace. She drew herself up slowly, shading her eyes with her hand to look. She looked far off, as far as she could, but on t ray ban rb4147 sunglasses he horizon were only great bonfires of grass smoking on the hills. You will tire yourself, my darling! said Bovary. And, pushing her gently to make her go into the arbour, Sit down on this seat; youll be comfortable. Oh! no; not there! she said in a faltering voice. She was seized with giddiness, and from that evening her illness recommenced, with a more uncertain character, it is true, and more complex symptoms. Now she ray ban rb4147 sunglasses suffered in her heart, then in the chest, the head, the limbs; she had vomitings, in which Charles thought he saw the first signs of

to do just as she liked. Often her husband, n ray ban rb4147 sunglasses oting her pallor, asked if she were unwell. No, said Emma. But, he replied, you seem so strange this evening. Oh, its nothing! nothing! There were even days when she had no sooner come in than she went up to her room; and Justin, happening to be there, moved about noiselessly, quicker at helping her than the best of maids. He put the matches ready, the candlestick, a book, arranged her nightgown, turned back the bedclothes. Come! said she, that will do. Now you can go. For he stood there, his hands hanging down and his eyes wide open, as if enmeshed in the innumerable threads of a sudden reverie. The following day was frightful, and those that came after still ray ban rb4147 sunglasses more unbearable, because of her impatience to once again seize her happiness; an

Yonvillers had all heard his story of the arsenic that she had mistaken for sugar in making a vanilla cream. Homais once more returned to Bovarys. He found him alone Monsieur Canivet had left, si ray ban rb4147 sunglasses tting in an arm-chair near the window, staring with an idiotic look at the flags of the floor. Now, said the chemist, you ought yourself to fix the hour for the ceremony. Why? What ceremony? Then, in a stammering, frightened voice, Oh, no! not that. No! I want to see her here. Homais, to keep himself in countenance, took up a water-bottle on the whatnot to water the geraniums. Ah! thanks, said Charles; you are good. But he did not finish, choking beneath the crowd of memories that this actio ray ban rb4147 sunglasses n of the druggist recalled to him. Then to distract him, Homais thought fit to talk a little horticulture:

streets. I looked up at the sky; the pure, wonderful stars were still there, burning. The girls wanted to go to the bus station, so we all went, but they apparently wanted to meet some sailor who was there w ray ban rb4147 sunglasses aiting for them, a cousin of the fat girls, and the sailor had friends with him. I said to the ray ban rb4147 sunglasses blonde, .Whats up?. She said she wanted to go home, in Colorado just over the line south of Cheyenne. .Ill take you in a bus,. I said. .No, the bus stops on the highway and I have to walk across that damn prairie all by myself. I spend all afternoon looking at the damn thing and I dont aim to walk over it tonight.. .Ah, listen, well take a nice walk in the prairie flowers.. .There aint no flowers there,. she said. .I want to go to New York. Im sick and tired of this. Aint no place to go but

the room of Terrys friend Margarina, who owed Terry a skirt and a pair of shoes. Margarina was a lovely mulatto; her husband was black as spades and kindly. He went right out and bought a pint of whisky to host me proper. I tried to pay part of it, but he said no. They had two little children. The kids bounced on the bed; it was their play-place. They put their arms around me and looked at me with wonder. The wild humming night of Central Avenue - the night of Hamps .Central Avenue Breakdown. - howled and boomed along outside. They were singing in the halls, singing from their windows, just hell be damned and look out. Terry got her clothes and we said good-by. ray ban rb4147 sunglasses We went down to a chickenshack and played records on the jukebox ray ban rb4147 sunglasses . A couple of Negro characters whispered in my ear about tea. One

could smell the river and really smell the people, and mud, and molasses, and every kind of tropical exhalation with your nose suddenly removed from the dry ices of a Northern winter. We bounced in our seats. .And dig her!. yelled Dean, pointing at another woman. .Oh, I love, love, love women! I think women are wonderful! I love women!. He spat out the window; he groaned; he clutched his head. Great beads of sweat fell from his forehead from pure excitement and exhaustion. We bounced the car up on the Algi ray ban rb4147 sunglasses ers ferr ray ban rb4147 sunglasses y and found ourselves crossing the Mississippi River by boat. .Now we must all get out and dig the river and the people and smell the world,. said Dean, bustling with his sunglasses and cigarettes and leaping out of the car like a jack-in-the-box. We followed. On rails we leaned