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everybody. Then, when he had taken his seat at the table between the pair, he asked the doctor about his patients, and the latter consulted hi ray ban oval sunglasses s as to the probability of their payment. Next they talked of what was in the paper. Homais by this hour knew it almost by heart, and he repeated it from end to end, with the reflections of the penny-a-liners, and all the stories of individual catastrophes that had occurred in France or abroad. But the subject becoming exhausted, he was not slow in throwing out some remarks on the dishes before him. Sometimes even, half-rising, he delicately pointed out to madame the tenderest morsel, or turning to the servant, gave her some advice on the manipulation of stews and the hygiene of seasoning. He talked aroma, osmazome, juices, and gel ray ban oval sunglasses atine in a

humble medal with pride; and no doubt when he got home to his good housewife, he hung it up weeping on the modest walls of his cot. About six oclock a banquet prepared in the meadow of Monsieur Leigeard brought together the principal personages of ray ban oval sunglasses the fete. The greatest cordiality reigned here. Divers toasts were proposed: Monsieur Lieuvain, the King; Monsieur Tuvache, the Prefect; Monsieur Derozerays, Agriculture; Monsieur Homais, Industry and the Fine Arts, those twin sisters; Monsieur Leplichey, Progress. In the evening some brilliant fireworks on a sudden illumined the air. One would have called it a veritable kaleidoscope, a real operatic scene; ray ban oval sunglasses and for a moment our little locality might have thought itself transported into the midst of a dream of the Thousand and One Nights. Let us

Everything, moreover, succeeded with him. He was adjudicator for a supply of cider to the hospital at Neufchatel; Monsieur Guillaumin promised him some shares in the turf-pits of Gaumesnil, and he dreamt of establishing a new diligence service between Arcueil and Rouen, which no doubt would not be long in ruining the ramshackle van of the Lion dOr, and that, travelling faster, at a cheaper rate, and carrying more luggage, would thus put into his hands the whole commerce of Yonville. Charles several times asked himself by what means he should next year be able to pay back so much money. He reflected, imagined expedients, such as applying to his father or sel ray ban oval sunglasses ling something. But his father would be deaf, and hehe had nothing to sell. Then h ray ban oval sunglasses e foresaw such worries that he quickly dismissed so

Lempereur, isnt it, who gives you lessons? Yes. Well, I saw her just now, Charles went on, at Madame Liegeards. I spoke to ray ban oval sunglasses her about you, and she doesnt know you. This was like a thunderclap. However, she replied quite naturally Ah! no doubt she forgot my name. But perhaps, ray ban oval sunglasses said the doctor, there are several Demoiselles Lempereur at Rouen who are music-mistresses. Possibly! Then quicklyBut I have my receipts here. See! And she went to the writing-table, ransacked all the drawers, rummaged the papers, and at last lost her head so completely that Charles earnestly begged her not to take so much trouble about those wretched receipts. Oh, I will find them, she said. And, in fact, on the following Friday, as Charles was putting on one of his boots in the dark cabinet where his clothes were kept,

bed, that had been taken out of the alcove. The druggist, on whom the silence weighed, was not long before he began formulating some regrets about this unfortunate young woman. and the priest replied that there was nothing to do now but pray for her. Yet, Homais went on, one of two things; either she died in a state of grace as the Church has it, and then she has no need of our prayers; or else she d ray ban oval sunglasses eparted impertinent that is, I believe, the ecclesiastical expression, and then Bournisien interrupted him, replying testily that it was none the less necessary to pray. But, objected the chemist, since God knows all our needs, what can be the good of prayer? What! cried the ecclesiastic, prayer! Why, arent you a Christian? Excuse ray ban oval sunglasses me, said Homais; I admire Christianity. To begin with, it

Longmont. Under a tremendous old tree was a bed of green lawn-grass belonging to a gas station. I asked the attendant if I could sleep there, and he said sure; so I stretched out a wool shirt, laid my face flat on it, with an elbow out, and with one eye cocked at the snowy Rockies in the hot sun for just a moment. I fell asleep for two delicious hours, the only discomfort being an oc ray ban oval sunglasses casional Colorado ant. And here I am in Co ray ban oval sunglasses lorado! I kept thinking gleefully. Damn! damn! damn! Im making it! And after a refreshing sleep filled with cobwebby dreams of my past life in the East I got up, washed in the station mens room, and strode off, fit and slick as a fiddle, and got me a rich thick milkshake at the road-house to put some freeze in my hot, tormented stomach. Incidentally, a very beautiful

the cold night air. I finally decided to hide from the world one more night with her, and the morning be damned. We went into a motel court and bought a comfo ray ban oval sunglasses rtable little suite for about four dollars - shower, bathtowels, wall ray ban oval sunglasses radio, and all. We held each other tight. We had long, serious talks and took baths and discussed things with the light on and then with the light out. Something was being proved, I was convincing her of something, which she accepted, and we concluded the pact in the dark, breathless, then pleased, like little lambs. In the morning we boldly struck out on our new plan. We were going to take a bus to Bakersfield and work picking grapes. After a few weeks of that we were headed for New York in the proper way, by bus. It was a wonderful afternoon, riding up to

Yes, I know. Bull isnt here now. Isnt that a fire or something over there?. We both looked toward the sun. .You ray ban oval sunglasses mean the sun?. .Of course I dont mean the sun - I heard sirens that way. Dont you know a peculiar glow?. It was toward New Orleans; the clouds were strange. .I dont see anything,. I said. Jane snuffed down her nose. .Same old Paradise.. That was the way we greeted each other after four years; Jane used to live with my wife and me in New York. .And is Ga ray ban oval sunglasses latea Dunkel here?. I asked. Jane was still looking for her fire; in those days she ate three tubes of benzedrine paper a day. Her face, once plump and Germanic and pretty, had become stony and red and gaunt. She had caught polio in New Orleans and limped a little. Sheepishly Dean and the gang came out of the car and more or less