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Thus a kind of bond was established between them, a constant commerce of books and of romances. Monsieur Bovary, little given to jealousy, did not trouble himself about it. On his birthday he received a beautiful phrenological head, all marked with figures to the thorax and pai ray ban polarized sunglasses nted blue. This was an attention of the clerks. He showed him many others, even to doing errands for him at Rouen; and the book of a novelist having made the mania for cactuses fashionable, Leon bought some for Madame Bovary, bringing them back on his knees in the Hirondelle, pricking his fingers on their hard hairs. She had a board with a balustrade fixed against her window to hold th ray ban polarized sunglasses e pots. The clerk, too, had his small hanging garden; they saw each other tending their flowers at their windows. Of the windows of

Madame Bovary seeing no objection to this, they both rose, wh ray ban polarized sunglasses en Charles came in. Good morning, doctor, Rodolphe said to him. The doctor, flattered at this unexpected title, launched out into obsequious phrases. Of this the other took advantage to pull himself together a little. Madame was speaking to me, he then said, about her health. Charles interrupted him; he had indeed a thousand anxieties; his wifes palpitations of the heart were beginning again. Then Rodolphe asked if riding would not be good. Certainly! excellent! just the thing! Theres an idea! You ought to follow it up. And as she obj ray ban polarized sunglasses ected that she had no horse, Monsieur Rodolphe offered one. She refused his offer; he did not insist. Then to explain his visit he said that his ploughman, the man of the blood-letting, still

exclusive fashion and with a deeper sweetness. Her soul, tortured by pride, at length found rest in Christian humility, and, tasting the joy of weakness, she saw within herself the destruction of her will, that must have left a wide entrance for the inroads of heavenly grace. There existed, then, in the place of happiness, still greater joysanother lo ray ban polarized sunglasses ve beyond all loves, without pause and without end, one that would grow eternally! ray ban polarized sunglasses She saw amid the illusions of her hope a state of purity floating above the earth mingling with heaven, to which she aspired. She wanted to become a saint. She bought chaplets and wore amulets; she wished to have in her room, by the side of her bed, a reliquary set in emeralds that she might kiss it every evening. The cure marvelled at this humour, although

The phrase came to her like a breat ray ban polarized sunglasses h of fresh air. Leave me the bill, said ray ban polarized sunglasses Emma. Oh, it isnt worth while, answered Lheureux. He came back the following week and boasted of having, after much trouble, at last discovered a certain Langlois, who, for a long time, had had an eye on the property, but without mentioning his price. Never mind the price! she cried. But they would, on the contrary, have to wait, to sound the fellow. The thing was worth a journey, and, as she could not undertake it, he offered to go to the place to have an interview with Langlois. On his return he announced that the purchaser proposed four thousand francs. Emma was radiant at this news. Frankly, he added, thats a good price. She drew half the sum at once, and when she was about to pay her account the shopkeeper said

chlorine water, to keep off all miasmata. Just then the servant, Madame Lefrancois, and Madame Bovary senior were busy about Emma, ray ban polarized sunglasses finishing dressing her, and ray ban polarized sunglasses they were drawing down the long stiff veil that covered her to her satin shoes. Felicite was sobbingAh! my poor mistress! my poor mistress! Look at her, said the landlady, sighing; how pretty she still is! Now, couldnt you swear she was going to get up in a minute? Then they bent over her to put on her wreath. They had to raise the head a little, and a rush of black liquid issued, as if she were vomiting, from her mouth. Oh, goodness! The dress; take care! cried Madame Lefrancois. Now, just come and help, she said to the chemist. Perhaps youre afraid? I afraid? replied he, shrugging his shoulders. I dare say! Ive seen all sorts of

in the gang: it was Chad King and Tim Gray and Roland Major, together with the Rawlinses, generally agreeing to ignore Dean Moriarty and Carlo Marx. I was smack in the middle of this interesting war. It was a war with social overtones. Dean was the son of a wino, one of the most tottering bums of Larimer Street, and Dean had in fact been brought up generally on Larimer Street and thereabouts. He used to plead in court at the age of six to have his father set free. He used to beg in front of Larimer alleys and sneak the money back to his father, who waited among the ray ban polarized sunglasses broken bottles with an old buddy. Then when Dean grew up he began hanging around the Glenarm pool-halls; he set a Denver record for stealing cars and went to the reformatory. From ray ban polarized sunglasses the age of eleven to seventeen he was usually in

finally I decided wed be all set soon because of her brother, and I took her to an old ho ray ban polarized sunglasses tel by the tracks and we went to bed comfortably. 55 In the bright, sunny morning Terry got up early and went to find her brother. I slept till noon; when I looked out the window I suddenly saw an SP freight going by with hundreds of hobos reclining on the flatcars and rolling merrily along with packs for pillows and funny p ray ban polarized sunglasses apers before their noses, and some munching on good California grapes pickfed up by the siding. .Damn!. I yelled. .Hooee! It is the promised land.. They were all coming from Frisco; in a week theyd all be going back in the same grand style. Terry arrived with her brother, his buddy, and her child. Her brother was a wild-buck Mexican hotcat with a hunger for booze, a great good kid.

was now in New Orleans, slipping along the streets with sha ray ban polarized sunglasses dy characters and haunting connection bars. There is a strange story about his college days that illustrates something else about him: he had friends for cocktails in his well-appointed rooms one afternoon when suddenly his pet ferret rushed out and bit an elegant teacup queer on the ankle and everybody hightailed it out the door, screaming. Old Bull leaped up and grabbed his shotgun and said, .He smells that old rat again,. and shot a hole in the wall big enough for fifty rats. On the wall hung a picture of an ugly old Cape Cod house. His friends s ray ban polarized sunglasses aid, .Why do you have that ugly thing hanging there?. and Bull said, .I like it because its ugly.. All his life was in that line. Once I knocked on his door in the 60th Street slums of