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their two streams of colour; then across them as if in Bengal lights is seen the shadow of the c ray ban clubmaster women hemist leanin ray ban clubmaster women g over his desk. His house from top to bottom is placarded with inscriptions written in large hand, round hand, printed hand: Vichy, Seltzer, Barege waters, blood purifiers, Raspail patent medicine, Arabian racahout, Darcet lozenges, Regnault paste, trusses, baths, hygienic chocolate, etc. And the signboard, which takes up all the breadth of the shop, bears in gold letters, Homais, Chemist. Then at the back of the shop, behind the great scales fixed to the counter, the word Laboratory appears on a scroll above a glass door, which about half-way up once more repeats Homais in gold letters on a black ground. Beyond this there is nothing to see at Yonville. The street the only one a

came down the staircase. Some vinegar, he cried. O dear! two at once! And in his emotion he could hardly put on the compress. It is nothing, said Monsieur Boulanger quietly, taking Justin in his arms. He seated him on the table with his back resting against the wall. Madame ray ban clubmaster women Bovary began taking off his cravat. The strings of his shirt had got into a knot, and she was for some minutes moving her light fingers about the young fellows neck. Then she poured some vinegar on her cambric handkerchief; she moistened his temples with little dabs, and then blew upon them softly. The ploughman revived, but Justins syncope still lasted, and his eyeballs disappeared in the pale sclerotics like blue flowers in milk. We must hi ray ban clubmaster women de this from him, said Charles. Madame Bovary took the basin to put it under

silence, almost amazed to see each other, so far sundered were they by their inner ray ban clubmaster women thoughts. Charles gazed at her with the dull look of a drunken man, while he listened motionless to the last cries of the sufferer, that followed each ray ban clubmaster women other in long-drawn modulations, broken by sharp spasms like the far-off howling of some beast being slaughtered. Emma bit her wan lips, and rolling between her fingers a piece of coral that she had broken, fixed on Charles the burning glance of her eyes like two arrows of fire about to dart forth. Everything in him irritated her now; his face, his dress, what he did not say, his whole person, his existence, in fine. She repented of her past virtue as of a crime, and what still remained of it rumbled away beneath the furious blows of her pride. She revelled in

back, he cried ray ban clubmaster women Sir! sir! The steeple! the steeple! No, thank you! said Leon. You are wrong, sir! It is four hundred and forty ray ban clubmaster women feet high, nine less than the great pyramid of Egypt. It is all cast; it Leon was fleeing, for it seemed to him that his love, that for nearly two hours now had become petrified in the church like the stones, would vanish like a vapour through that sort of truncated funnel, of oblong cage, of open chimney that rises so grotesquely from the cathedral like the extravagant attempt of some fantastic brazier. But where are we going? she said. Making no answer, he walked on with a rapid step; and Madame Bovary was already, dipping her finger in the holy water when behind them they heard a panting breath interrupted by the regular sound of a cane. Leon turned back. Sir!

raised ray ban clubmaster women and quickly put on again his brown velvet cap, pretentiously cocked on the right side, whence looked out the ends of three fair curls drawn from the back ray ban clubmaster women of the head, following the line of his bald skull. After he had offered her a seat he sat down to breakfast, apologising profusely for his rudeness. I have come, she said, to beg you, sir What, madame? I am listening. And she began explaining her position to him. Monsieur Guillaumin knew it, being secretly associated with the linendraper, from whom he always got capital for the loans on mortgages that he was asked to make. So he knew and better than she herself the long story of the bills, small at first, bearing different names as endorsers, made out at long dates, and constantly renewed up to the day, when, gathering together all

swearing and socking myself on the head for being such a damn fool. I was forty miles north of New York; all the way up Id been worried about the fact that on ray ban clubmaster women this, my big opening day, I was only moving north instead of the so-longed-for west. Now I was stuck on my northernmost hangup. I ran a quarter-mile to an abandoned cute English-style filling station and stood under the dripping eaves. High up over my head the gre ray ban clubmaster women at hairy Bear Mountain sent down thunderclaps that put the fear of God in me. All I could see were smoky trees and dismal wilderness rising to the skies. .What the hell am I doing up here?. I cursed, I cried for Chicago. .Even now theyre all having a big time, theyre doing this, Im not there, when will I get there!. - and so on. Finally a car stopped at the empty filling

keep order around here last night - the chief is yelling at you. And another thing - do yo ray ban clubmaster women u know you can go to jail for putting the American flag upside down on a government pole?. .Upside down?. I was horrified; of course I hadnt realized it. I did it every morning mechanically. .Yessir,. said a fat cop whod spent twenty-two years as a guard in Alcatraz. .You could go to jail for doing something like that.. The others nodded grimly. They were always sitting around on their asses; they were proud of their jobs. They handled their guns and talked about them. They were itching to shoot somebody. Remi and me. The cop who had been an Alcatraz guard was potbellied and about ray ban clubmaster women sixty, retired but unable to keep away from the atmospheres that had nourished his dry soul all his life. Every night he

I dig you, man!. He leaped into the phone booth and called San Francisco collect. Then we called Carlo at his home in Long Island and told him to come over. Carlo arrived two hours later. Meanwhile Dean and I got ready for our return trip alone to Virginia to pick up the rest of the furniture and bring my aunt back. Carlo Marx came, poetry under his arm, and sat in an easy chair, watching us with beady ray ban clubmaster women eyes. For the first half-hour he refused to say anything; at any rate, he refused to commit himself. He had quieted down since the Denver Doldrum days; the Dakar Doldrums had done it. In Dakar, wearing a beard, he had wandered the back streets with little children who led him to a witch-doctor who told him his fortune. He had snapshots of crazy streets with grass huts, t ray ban clubmaster women he hip back-end of