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interfered; and they succeeded in making the priest sit down again, and he quietly went on with the half-finished coffee in his saucer. Monsieur Bovary, senior, stayed at Yonville a month, dazzling the natives by a superb policemans cap with silver tassels that he wore in the morning when he smoked his pipe in the square. Being also in the habit of drinking a good deal of brandy, he often sent the servant to the Lion dOr to buy him ray ban wayferer a bottle, which was put down to his sons account, and to perfume his handkerchiefs he used up his daughter-in-laws whole supply of eau-de-cologne. The latter did not at all dislike his ray ban wayferer company. He had knocked about the world, he talked about Berlin, Vienna, and Strasbourg, of his soldier times, of the mistresses he had had, the grand luncheons of which he had

her chair, she saw in the distance, right on the li ray ban wayferer ne of the horizon, the old diligence, the Hirondelle, that was slowly descending the hill of Leux, dragging after it a long trail of dust. It was in this yellow carriage that Leon had so often come back to her, and by this route down there that he had go ray ban wayferer ne for ever. She fancied she saw him opposite at his windows; then all grew confused; clouds gathered; it seemed to her that she was again turning in the waltz under the light of the lustres on the arm of the Viscount, and that Leon was not far away, that he was coming; and yet all the time she was conscious of the scent of Rodolphes head by her side. This sweetness of sensation pierced through her old desires, and these, like grains of sand under a gust of wind, eddied to and fro in the

longer; she ran into the sitting room as if to take the a ray ban wayferer pricots there, overturned the basket, tore away the leaves, found the letter, opened it, and, as if some fearful fire were behind her, Emma flew to her room terrified. Charles was there; she saw him; he spoke to her; she heard nothing, and she went on quickly up the stairs, breathless, distraught, dumb, and ever holding this horrible piece of paper, that crack ray ban wayferer led between her fingers like a plate of sheet-iron. On the second floor she stopped before the attic door, which was closed. Then she tried to calm herself; she recalled the letter; she must finish it; she did not dare to. And where? How? She would be seen! Ah, no! here, she thought, I shall be all right. Emma pushed open the door and went in. The slates threw straight down a

detach itself from this mass of existence, and her heart swelled as if the hundred and twenty thousand souls that palpitated there had all at ray ban wayferer once sent into it the vapour of the passions she fancied theirs. Her love grew in the presence of this vastness, and expanded with tumult to the vague murmurings that rose towards her. She poured it out upon the square, on the walks, on the streets, and the old Norman city outspread before her eyes as an enormous capital, as a Babylon into which she was entering. She leant with both hands against the window, drinking in the breeze; the three horses galloped, the stones grated in the mud, the diligence rocked, and Hivert, from afar, hailed the carts on the road, wh ray ban wayferer ile the bourgeois who had spent the night at the Guillaume woods came quietly down the

epigastrium, super purgation, coma. But how did she poison herself? I dont know, doctor, and I dont even know where she can have procured the arsenious acid. Justin, who was just bringing in a pile of plates, began to tremble. Whats the matter? said the chemist. At this question the young man dropped the ray ban wayferer whole lot on the ground with a crash. Imbecile! cried Homais, awkward lout! block-head! confounded ass! But suddenly controlling himself I wished, doctor, to ma ray ban wayferer ke an analysis, and primo I delicately introduced a tube You would have done better, said the physician, to introduce your fingers into her throat. His colleague was silent, having just before privately received a severe lecture about his emetic, so that this good Canivet, so arrogant and so verbose at the time of the clubfoot, was

slap their thighs from the continuing dark the other side of town - we were a funny-looking crew. A lot of men were in this country at that time of the year; it was harvest time. The Dakota boys we ray ban wayferer re fidgeting. .I think well get off at the next pisscall; seems like theres a lot of work around here.. .All you got to do is move north when its over here,. counseled Montana Slim, .and jes follow the harvest till you get to Canada.. The boys nodded vaguely; they didnt take much stock in his advice. Meanwhile the blond young fugitive sat the same way; every now and then Gene leaned out of his Buddhistic trance over the rushing dark plains and said something tenderly in the boys ear. The boy nod ray ban wayferer ded. Gene was taking care of him, of his moods and his fears. I wondered where the hell they would go

began getting the foolish paranoiac visions that Teresa, or Terry - her name - was a common little hustler who worked the buses for a guys bucks by making appointments like ours in LA where she brought the sucker first to a breakfast place, where her pimp waited, and then to a certain hotel to which he had access with his gun or his ray ban wayferer whatever. I never confessed this to her. We ate breakfast and a pimp kept watching us; I fancied Terry was making secret eyes at him. I was tired and felt strange and lost in a faraway, disgusting place. The goof of terror took over my thoughts and made ray ban wayferer me act petty and cheap. .Do you know that guy?. I said. .What guy you mean, honey?. I let it drop. She was slow and hung-up about everything she did; 51 it took her a long time to eat; she chewed slowly and

California, this is the short ones wife, and Im a friend on a two-week vacation from college.. The cop smiled and said, .Yeah? Is this really your own wallet?. Finally the mean one inside fined Dean twenty-five dollars. We told them we only had forty to go all the way to the Coast; they said that made no difference to them. When Dean protested, the mean cop threaten ray ban wayferer ed to take him back to Pennsylvania and slap a special charge on him. .What charge?. .Never mind what charge. Dont worry about that, wiseguy.. We had to give them the twenty-five. But first Ed Dunkel, that culprit, offered to go to jail. Dean considered it. The cop was infuriated; he said, .If you let your partner go to jail Im taking you back to Pennsylvania right now. You hear that?. All we wanted to do was g ray ban wayferer o. .Another