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word, Im afraid hell be put out seeing me have coffee alone, you know men But you are to have some, Emma repeated; I will give you some. You bother me! Oh, ray ban wayfarer measurements dear! my poor, dear lady! you see in consequence of his wounds he has terrible cramps in the chest. He even says that cider weakens him. Do make haste, Mere Rollet! Well, the latter continued, making a curtsey, if it werent asking too much, and she curtsied once more, if you wouldand her eyes beggeda jar of brandy, she said at last, and Id rub your little ones feet with it; theyre as tender as ones tongue. Once rid of the nurse, ray ban wayfarer measurements Emma again took Monsieur Leons arm. She walked fast for some time, then more slowly, and looking straight in front of her, her eyes rested on the shoulder of the young man, whose frock-coat had a black-velvety

weakened that pale look. In her constant living with animals she had caught their dumbness and their calm. It was the first time that she found herself in the midst of so large a company, and inwardly scared by the flags, the drums, the gentlemen in frock-coats, and the order of the councillor, she stood motionless, not knowing whether to advance or run away, nor why the crowd was ray ban wayfarer measurements pushing ray ban wayfarer measurements her and the jury were smiling at her. Thus stood before these radiant bourgeois this half-century of servitude. Approach, venerable Catherine Nicaise Elizabeth Leroux! said the councillor, who had taken the list of prize-winners from the president; and, looking at the piece of paper and the old woman by turns, he repeated in a fatherly toneApproach! approach! Are you deaf? said Tuvache, fidgeting in his

chemist. But it might be that the apricots had brought on the syncope. Some natures are so sensitive to certain smells; and it would even be a very fine question to study both in its pathological and physiological relation. The priests know the importance of it, they who have introduced aromatics into all their ceremonies. It is to stupefy the senses and to bring on ecstasiesa thing, moreover, very easy in persons of the weaker sex, who are more delicate than the ray ban wayfarer measurements other. Some are cited who faint at the smell of burnt hartshorn, of new bread Take care; youll wake her! said Bovary in a low voice. And not only, the druggist went on, are human beings subject to ray ban wayfarer measurements such anomalies, but animals also. Thus you are not ignorant of the singularly aphrodisiac effect produced by the Nepeta cataria,

her hair, the man offered her tickets for a masked ball. Then she went away. She went up the streets; reached the Croix-Rouge, put on her overshoes, that she had hidden in the morning under the seat, and sank into her place among the impatient passengers. Some got out at the foot of the hill. She remained alone in the carriage. At every turning all the lights of the town were seen more and more completely, making a great luminous vapour about the ray ban wayfarer measurements dim houses. Emma knelt on the cushions and her eyes wandered over the ray ban wayfarer measurements dazzling light. She sobbed; called on Leon, sent him tender words and kisses lost in the wind. On the hillside a poor devil wandered about with his stick in the midst of the diligences. A mass of rags covered his shoulders, and an old staved-in beaver, turned out like a basin,

bending over it, until the big tears fell from her eyes. Then she turned away her head with a sigh and fell back upon the pillows. Her chest soon began panting rapidly; the whole of her tongue protruded from her mouth; her eyes, as they rolled, grew paler, like the two globes of a lamp that is going out, so that one ray ban wayfarer measurements might have thought her already dead but for the fearful labouring of her ribs, shaken by violent breathing, as if the soul were struggling to free itself. Felicite knelt down before the crucifix, and the druggist himself slightly bent his knees, while Monsieur ray ban wayfarer measurements Canivet looked out vaguely at the Place. Bournisien had again begun to pray, his face bowed against the edge of the bed, his long black cassock trailing behind him in the room. Charles was on the other side, on his knees,

truck and say good-by; the Minnesotans werent interested in hanging around. It was sad to see them go, and I realized that I would never see any of them again, but thats the way it was. .Y ray ban wayfarer measurements oull freeze your ass tonight,. I warned. .Then youll burn ‘em in the desert tomorrow afternoon.. .Thats all right with me longs as we get out of this cold night,. said Gene. And the truck left, 22 threading its way through the crowds, and nobody paying attention to the strangeness of the kids inside the tarpaulin, staring at the town like babes from a coverlet. I watched it disappear int ray ban wayfarer measurements o the night. 23 5 I was with Montana Slim and we started hitting the bars. I had about seven dollars, five of which I foolishly squandered that night. First we milled with all the cowboy-dudded tourists and oilmen and

for a park bench at the Plaza; then Methodist ministers with raveled sleeves, and an occasional Nature Boy saint in beard ray ban wayfarer measurements and sandals. I wanted to meet them all, talk to everybody, but Terry and I were too busy trying to get a buck together. We went to Hollywood to try to work in the drugstore at Sunset and Vine. Now there was a corner! Great families off jalopies from the hinterlands stood around the sidewalk gaping for sight of some movie star, and the movie star never showed up. When a limousine passed they rushed eagerly to the curb and ducked to look: some character in dark glasses sat inside with a bejeweled blonde. .Don Ameche! Don Ameche!. .No, George Murphy! George Murphy!. They milled around, looking at one a ray ban wayfarer measurements nother. Handsome queer boys who had come to Hollywood to be cowboys

crazy exultant sounds of music and Dean and Marylou talking and the great green land rolling by. .Where are we?. .Just passed the tip of Florida, man - Flomaton, its called.. Florida! We were rolling down to the coastal plain and Mobile; up ahead were great soaring clouds of the Gulf of Mexico. It was only thirty-two hours since wed said good-by to everybody in the dirty snows of the North. We stopped at a gas ray ban wayfarer measurements station, and there Dean and Marylou played piggyback around the tanks and Dunkel went inside and stole three packs of cigarettes without trying. We were fresh out. Rolling into Mobile over the long tidal highway, we all took our winter clothes off and enjoyed the Southern temperature. This ray ban wayfarer measurements 83 was when Dean started telling his life story and when, beyond Mobile, he came upon an