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thick trees, with ladders, poles, or scythes hung on to the branches. The thatched roofs, like fur caps drawn over eyes, reach down over about a third of the low windows, whose coarse convex glasses have knots in the middle like the bottoms of bottles. Against the plaster wall diagonally crossed by black ray ban repair parts joists, a meagre pear-tree sometimes leans and the ground-floors have at their door a small swing-gate to keep out the chicks that come pilfering crumbs of bread steeped in cider on the threshold. But the courtyards grow narrower, the hous ray ban repair parts es closer together, and the fences disappear; a bundle of ferns swings under a window from the end of a broomstick; there is a blacksmiths forge and then a wheelwrights, with two or three new carts outside that partly block the way. Then across an open

market-day at Yonville. The Place sin ray ban repair parts ce morning had been blocked by a row of carts, which, on end and their shafts in the air, spread all along the line of houses from the church to the inn. On the other side there were canvas booths, where cotton checks, blankets, and woollen stockings were sold, together with harness for horses, and packets of blue ribbon, whose ends fluttered in the wind. The coarse hardware was spread out on the ground between pyramids of eggs and hampers of cheeses, from which sticky straw stuck out. Near the corn-machines clucking hens passed their necks through the bars of flat cages. The people, crowding in the same place and unwilling to move thence, sometimes t ray ban repair parts hreatened to smash the shop front of the chemist. On Wednesdays his shop was never empty, and the people

why I am not squeamish like you, and it is as indifferent to me to carve a Christian as the first fowl that turns up. Then, perhaps, you will say, habit! habit! Then, without any consideration for Hippolyte, who was sweating with agony between his sheets, these gentlemen entered into a conversation, in which the druggist compared the coolness of a surgeon to that of a general; and this comparison was pleasing to Canivet, who launched out on the exigencies of his art. He looked upon, it as a sacred ray ban repair parts office, although the ordinary ray ban repair parts practitioners dishonoured it. At last, coming back to the patient, he examined the bandages brought by Homais, the same that had appeared for the club-foot, and asked for someone to hold the limb for him. Lestiboudois was sent for, and Monsieur Canivet having turned

the tumult of her heart. She rose, and they were about to leave, when the beadle came forward, hurriedly saying Madame, no doubt, does not belong to these parts? Madame would like to see the curiosities of the church? Oh, no! cried the clerk. Why not? said she. ray ban repair parts For she clung with her expiring virtue to the Virgin, the sculptures, the tombsanything. Then, in order to proceed by rule, the beadle conducted them right to the entrance near the square, where, pointing out with his cane a large circle of block-stones without inscription or carving This, he said majestically, is the circumference of the beautiful bell of Ambroise. It weighed forty thousand pounds. There wa ray ban repair parts s not its equal in all Europe. The workman who cast it died of the joy Let us go on, said Leon. The old fellow started off

with an antiphlogistic pomade of his own composition, and he gave his addressMonsieur Homais, near the market, pretty well known. Now, said Hivert, for all this trouble youll give us your performance. The blind man sank down on his haunches, ray ban repair parts with his head thrown back, whilst he rolled his greenish eyes, lolled out his tongue, and rubbed his stomach with both hands as he uttered a kind of hollow yell like a famished dog. Emma, filled with disgust, threw him over her shoulder a five-franc piece. It was all her fortune. It seemed to her very fine thus to throw it away. The coach had gone on again when suddenly Monsieur Homais leant out through the window, crying No farin ray ban repair parts aceous or milk food, wear wool next the skin, and expose the diseased parts to the smoke of juniper berries. The sight of

putting me down, as he would later, on starving sidewalks and sickbeds - what did it matter? I was a young writer and I wanted to take off. Somewhere along the line I knew thered be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me. 9 2 In the month of July 1947, having saved about fifty dollars from old veteran benefits, I was ready to go to the West Coast. My friend Remi Boncoeur had writte ray ban repair parts n me a letter from San Francisco, saying I should come and ship out with him on an around-the-world liner. He swore he could get me into the engine room. I wrote back and said ray ban repair parts Id be satisfied with any old freighter so long as I could take a few long Pacific trips and come back with enough money to support myself in my aunts house while I finished my book. He said he

away from something - usually the law. There were tough 9 groups from Alabama, shifty men from New York, all kinds j from all over. And, knowing full well how horrible it would be to work a full year in Okinawa, they drank. The job of the special guards was to see that they didnt tear the barra ray ban repair parts cks down. We had our headquarters in the main building, just a wooden contraption with panel-walled offices. Here at a roll- \ top desk we sat around, shifting our guns off our hips and! yawning, and the old cops told stories. It ray ban repair parts was a horrible crew of men, men with cop-souls, all except Remi and myself. Remi was only trying to make a living, and so was I, but these men wanted to make arrests and compliments from the chief of police in town. They even said < that if you didnt make at least one a

into a lunchcart and ate hamburgers with our last food dollar. The counterman -it was three A.M. - heard us talk about money and offered to give us the hamburgers free, plus more coffee, if we all pitched in and washed dishes in the back because his regular man hadnt shown up. We jumped to it. Ed Dunkel said ray ban repair parts he was an old pearldiver from way back and pitched his long arms into the dishes. Dean stood googing around with a towel, so ray ban repair parts did Marylou. Finally they started necking among the pots and pans; they withdrew to a dark corner in the pantry. The counterman was satisfied as long as Ed and I did the dishes. We finished them in fifteen minutes. When daybreak came we were zooming through New Jersey with the great cloud of Metropolitan New York rising before us in the snowy distance. Dean had a