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about it the other day, wonders you do not chose Madeleine. It is very much in fashion just now. But Madame Bovary, senior, cried out loudly against this name of a sinner. As to Monsieur Homais pink lens ray ban aviator , he had a preference for all those that recalled some great man, an illustrious fact, or a generous idea, and it was on this system that he had baptized his four children. Thus Napoleon represented glory and Franklin liberty; Irma was pink lens ray ban aviator perhaps a concession to romanticism, but Athalie was a homage to the greatest masterpiece of the French stage. For his philosophical convictions did not interfere with his artistic tastes; in him the thinker did not stifle the man of sentiment; he could make distinctions, make allowances for imagination and fanaticism. In this tragedy, for example, he found fault with

elbows, the point of his sabre in the air. Perhaps he could hear, but certainly he could see nothing, because of the visor of his helmet, that fell down on his nose. His lieutenant, the youngest son of Monsieur Tuvache, had a bigger one, for his was enormous, and shook on his head, and from it an end of his cotton scarf peeped out. He smiled beneath it with a perfectly infantine sweetness, and his pale little face, whence drops were running, wore an expression of enjoyment and sleepiness. The square as far pink lens ray ban aviator as the houses was crowded with people. One saw folk leaning o pink lens ray ban aviator n their elbows at all the windows, others standing at doors, and Justin, in front of the chemists shop, seemed quite transfixed by the sight of what he was looking at. In spite of the silence Monsieur Lieuvains voice was lost

you. Teach my name to your child; let her repeat it in her prayers. The wicks of the ca pink lens ray ban aviator ndles flickered. Rodolphe got up to, shut the window, and when he had sat down again I think its all right. Ah! and this for fear she should come and hunt me up. I shall be far away when you read these sad lines, for I have wished to flee as quickly as possible to shun the temptation of seeing you again. No weakness! I shall return, and perhaps later on we shall talk together very coldly of our old love. Adieu! And there was a last adieu divided into two words! A Dieu! which he thought in very excellent taste. Now how am I to sign? pink lens ray ban aviator he said to himself. Yours devotedly? No! Your friend? Yes, thats it. Your friend. He re-read his letter. He considered it very good. Poor little woman! he thought with emotion.

on his cloak, lighted his pipe, and grasped his whip, he calmly installed himself on his seat. The Hirondelle started at a slow trot, and for about a mile stopped pink lens ray ban aviator here and there to pick up passengers who waited for it, standing at the border of the road, in front of their yard gates. Those who had secured seats the evening before kept it waiting; some even were still in bed in their houses pink lens ray ban aviator . Hivert called, shouted, swore; then he got down from his seat and went and knocked loudly at the doors. The wind blew through the cracked windows. The four seats, however, filled up. The carriage rolled off; rows of apple-trees followed one upon another, and the road between its two long ditches, full of yellow water, rose, constantly narrowing towards the horizon. Emma knew it from end to end; she knew

y to the poor, and practising virtue without believing in it, he would almost have passed for a saint if the keenness of his intellect had not caused him to be feared as a demon. His glance, more penetrating than his bistouries, looked straight into your soul, and dissected every lie athwart all assertions and all reticences. And thus he went along, full of that debonair majesty that is given by the consciousness of great talent, of fortune, and of forty years of a labourious and irreproachable life. He frowned as soon as he had passed the door when he saw the cadaverous face of Emma stretched out on her back with her mouth open. Then, while apparently listening to Canivet, pink lens ray ban aviator he rubbed his fingers up and down beneath his nostrils, and repeated pink lens ray ban aviator Good! good! But he made a slow gesture with his

There was something so indubitably reminiscent of Big Slim Hazard in Mississippi Genes demeanor that I said, .Do you happen to have met a fellow called Big Slim Hazard somewhere?. And he said, .You mean the tall fellow with the big laugh?. .Well, that sounds like him. He came from Ruston, Louisiana.. .Thats right. Louisiana Slim hes sometimes calle pink lens ray ban aviator d. Yes-sir, I shore have met Big Slim.. .And he used to work in the East Texas oil pink lens ray ban aviator fields?. .East Texas is right. And now hes punching cows.. And that was exactly right; and still I couldnt believe Gene could have really known Slim, whom Id been looking for, more or less, for years. .And he used to work in tugboats in New York?. .Well now, I dont know about that.. .I guess you only knew him in the West.. .I reckon. I aint never been to New York.. .

way she said .LA.; I love the way everybody says .LA. on the Coast; its their one and only golden town when all is said and done, .Thats where Im going too!. I cried. .Im very glad you let me sit with you, I was very lonely and Ive been traveling a hell of a lot.. And we settled down to telling our stories. Her s pink lens ray ban aviator tory was this: She had a husband and child. The husband beat her, so she left him, back at Sabinal, south of Fresno, and was going to LA to live with her sister awhile. She left pink lens ray ban aviator her little son with her family, who were grape-pickers and lived in a shack in the vineyards. She had nothing to do but brood and get mad. I felt like putting my arms around her right away. We talked and talked. She said she loved to talk with me. Pretty soon she was saying she wished she could go to New

hair less than every two days and for twelve hours at a stretch, and man, you know what we can do in twelve hours, darling. Meanwhile Ill go right on living at Camilles like nothin, see, she wont know. We can work it, weve done it before.. It was all right with Marylou, she was really out for Camilles scalp. The understanding had been that Ma pink lens ray ban aviator rylou would switch to me in Frisco, but I now began to see they were going to stick and I was going to be left alone on my butt at the other end of the continent. But why think about that when all the golden lands ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad youre alive to see? We arrived in Washington at dawn. It was the day of Harry Trumans inauguration for his second term. G pink lens ray ban aviator reat displays of war might