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was made which joins that of Abbeville to that of Amiens, and is occasionally used by the Rouen wagoners on their way to Flanders. Yonville-lAbbaye has remained stationary in spite of its new outlet. Instead of improving the soil, they persist in keeping up the pasture lands, however depreciated they may be in value, and the lazy borough, growing away from the plain, has naturally spread riverwards. It is seem from afar sprawling along the banks like a cowherd ray ban cats 1000 taking a siesta by the water-side. At the foot of the hill beyond the bridge begins a roadw ray ban cats 1000 ay, planted with young aspens, that leads in a straight line to the first houses in the place. These, fenced in by hedges, are in the middle of courtyards full of straggling buildings, wine-presses, cart-sheds and distilleries scattered under

priests in speeches taken from Voltaire. But all that leads you far astray, my poor child. Anyone who has no religion always ends by turning out badly. So it was decided to stop Emma reading novels. The enterprise did not seem easy. The good lady undertook it. She was, when she passed through Rouen, to go ray ban cats 1000 herself to the lending-library and represent that Emma had di ray ban cats 1000 scontinued her subscription. Would they not have a right to apply to the police if the librarian persisted all the same in his poisonous trade? The farewells of mother and daughter-in-law were cold. During the three weeks that they had been together they had not exchanged half-a-dozen words apart from the inquiries and phrases when they met at table and in the evening before going to bed. Madame Bovary left on a Wednesday, the

his habits. Homais presented himself. I count on you, said the doctor. Are we ready? Come along! ray ban cats 1000 But the druggist, turning red, confessed that he was too sensitive to assist at such an operation. When one is a simple spectator, he said, the imagination, you know, is impressed. And then I have such a nervous system! Psh ray ban cats 1000 aw! interrupted Canivet; on the contrary, you seem to me inclined to apoplexy. Besides, that doesnt astonish me, for you chemist fellows are always poking about your kitchens, which must end by spoiling your constitutions. Now just look at me. I get up every day at four oclock; I shave with cold water and am never cold. I dont wear flannels, and I never catch cold; my carcass is good enough! I live now in one way, now in another, like a philosopher, taking pot-luck; that is

was pale. She walked fast. Read! she said, holding out a paper to him. Oh, no! And she abruptly withdrew her hand to enter the chapel of the Virgin, where, kneeling on a chair, she began to pray. The young man was irritated at this bigot fancy; then he nevertheless experienced a certain charm in seeing her, in the middle of a rendezvous, thus lost in her devotions, like an Andalusian marchioness; then he grew bored, for she seemed never coming to an end. Emma prayed, or rather strove to pray, hoping that some sudden resolution might descend to her from heaven; and to draw down divine aid she filled f ray ban cats 1000 ull her eyes with the splendours of the tabernacle. She breathed in the perfumes of the full-blown flowers in the large vases, and listened to th ray ban cats 1000 e stillness of the church, that only heightened

door, as if it were a bag in the lining that had come unnailed. This, said the chemist, is a scrofulous affection. And though he knew the poor devil, he pretended to see him for the first time, murmured something about cornea, opaque cornea, sclerotic, facies, then asked him in a paternal tone My friend, have you long had this terrible infirmity? Instead of getting drunk at the public, youd do better to die yourself. ray ban cats 1000 He advised him to take good wine, good beer, and good joints. The blind man went on with his song; he seemed, moreover, almost idiotic. At last Monsieur Homais opened his purse Now theres a sou; give me back two lairds, and dont forget my advice: youll be the better for it. Hivert openly cast some doubt on the efficacy of it. But the druggist said that he would cure himsel ray ban cats 1000 f

rides. Besides, all my New York friends were in the negative, nightmare position of putting down society and giving their tired bookish or political or psychoanalytical reasons, but Dean just raced in society, eager for bread and love; he didnt care one way or the other, .so longs I can get that lil ole gal with that lil sumpin down there tween her legs, boy,. and .so longs we can eat, son, year me? Im hungry, Im starving, lets eat right now!. - and off wed rush to eat, whereof, as saith Ecclesiastes, .It is ray ban cats 1000 your porti ray ban cats 1000 on under the sun.. A western kinsman of the sun, Dean. Although my aunt warned me that he would get me in trouble, I could hear a new call and see a new horizon, and believe it at my young age; and a little bit of trouble or even Deans eventual rejection of me as a buddy,

steep walls of the south canyon, got up on the highway streaming! with cars Frisco-bound in the night, scrambled down the other! side, almost fall ray ban cats 1000 ing, and came to the bottom of a ravine where! a little farmhouse stood near a creek and where every blessed! night the same dog barked at me. Then it was a fast walk along a silvery, dusty road beneath inky trees of California - a I road like ray ban cats 1000 in The Mark of Zorro and a road like all the roads! you see in Western B movies. I used to take out my gun and] play cowboys in the dark. Then I climbed another hill and! there were the barracks. These barracks were for the temporary quartering of overseas construction workers. The men who came through stayed there, waiting for their ship. Most of them were bound for Okinawa. Most of them were running |

wanted to marry. All these years I was lo ray ban cats 1000 oking for the woman I wanted to marry. I couldnt meet a girl without saying to myself, What kind of wife would she make? I told Dean and Marylou about Lucille. Marylou wanted to know all about Lucille, she wanted to meet her. We zoomed through Richmond, Washington, Baltimore, and up to Philadelphia on a winding country road and talked. .I want to m ray ban cats 1000 arry a girl,. I told them, .so I can rest my soul with her till we both get old. This cant go on all the time - all this franticness and jumping around. Weve got to go someplace, find something.. .Ah now, man,. said Dean, .Ive been digging you for years about the home and marriage and all those fine wonderful things about your soul.. It was a sad night; it was also a merry night. In Philadelphia we went