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is a girl! said Charles. She turned her head away and fainted. Madame Homais, as well as Madame Lefrancois of the Lion dOr, almost immediately came running in to embrace her. The chemist, as man of discretion, only offered a few provincial felicitations through the half-opened door. He wished to see the child and thought it well ray ban seeing glasses frames made. Whilst she was getting well she occupied herself much in seeking a name for her daughter. First she went over all those that have Italian endings, such as Clara, Louisa, Amanda, Atala; she liked Galsuinde pretty well, and Yseult or Leocadie still better. Charles wanted the child to be called after ray ban seeing glasses frames her mother; Emma opposed this. They ran over the calendar from end to end, and then consulted outsiders. Monsieur Leon, said the chemist, with whom I was talking

elsewhere the apple tree for cider, there colza, farther on cheeses and flax. Gent ray ban seeing glasses frames lemen, let us not forget flax, which has made such great strides of late years, and to which I will more particularly call your attention. He had no need to call it, for all the mouths of the multitude were wide open, as if to drink in his words. Tuvache by his side listened to him with staring eyes. Monsieur Derozerays from time to time softly closed his eyelids, ray ban seeing glasses frames and farther on the chemist, with his son Napoleon between his knees, put his hand behind his ear in order not to lose a syllable. The chins of the other members of the jury went slowly up and down in their waistcoats in sign of approval. The firemen at the foot of the platform rested on their bayonets; and Binet, motionless, stood with out-turned

woman that you are, the ray ban seeing glasses frames falseness of our future position. Nor had I reflected upon this at first, and I rested in the ray ban seeing glasses frames shade of that ideal happiness as beneath that of the manchineel tree, without foreseeing the consequences. Perhaps shell think Im giving it up from avarice. Ah, well! so much the worse; it must be stopped! The world is cruel, Emma. Wherever we might have gone, it would have persecuted us. You would have had to put up with indiscreet questions, calumny, contempt, insult perhaps. Insult to you! Oh! And I, who would place you on a throne! I who bear with me your memory as a talisman! For I am going to punish myself by exile for all the ill I have done you. I am going away. Whither I know not. I am mad. Adieu! Be good always. Preserve the memory of the unfortunate who has lost

out at the Place. The early dawn was broadening between the pillars of the market, and the chemists shop, with the shutters still up, showed in the pale light of the dawn the large letters of his signboard. When the clock pointed to a quarter past seven, she went off to the Lion dOr, whose door Artemise opened yawning. The girl then made u ray ban seeing glasses frames p the coals covered by the cinders, and Emma remained alone in the kitchen. Now and again she went out. Hivert was leisurely harnessing his horses, listening, moreover, to Mere Lefrancois, who, passing her head and nightcap through a gr ray ban seeing glasses frames ating, was charging him with commissions and giving him explanations that would have confused anyone else. Emma kept beating the soles of her boots against the pavement of the yard. At last, when he had eaten his soup, put

their ears in mud, drove at a gallop round the corner of the market. It was Docto ray ban seeing glasses frames r Lariviere. The apparition of a god would not have caused more commotion. Bovary raised his hands; Canivet stopped short; and Homais pulled off his skull-cap long before the doctor had come in. He belonged to that great school of surgery begotten of Bichat, to that generation, now extinct, of philosophical practitioners, who, loving their art with a fanatical love, exercised it with enthusiasm and wisdom. Everyone in his hospital trembled when he was ray ban seeing glasses frames angry; and his students so revered him that they tried, as soon as they were themselves in practice, to imitate him as much as possible. So that in all the towns about they were found wearing his long wadded merino overcoat and black frock-coat, whose buttoned

Ogden?. I said. .Its the plac ray ban seeing glasses frames e where most of the boys pass thu and always meet there; youre liable to see anybody there.. In my earlier days Id been to sea with a tall rawboned fellow from Louisiana called Big Slim Hazard, William Holmes Hazard, who was hobo by choice. As a little boy hed seen a hobo come up to ask his mother for a piece of pie, and she had given it to him, and when the hobo ray ban seeing glasses frames went off down the road the little boy had said, .Ma, what is that fellow?. .Why. thats a ho-bo.. .Ma, I want to be a ho-bo someday.. .Shut your mouth, thats not for the like of the Hazards.. But he never forgot that day, and when he grew up, after a shortspell playing football at LSU, he did become a hobo. Big Slim and I spent many nights telling stories and spitting tobacco juice in paper containers.

so broken, so beat, that I got up my co ray ban seeing glasses frames urage, the courage 50 necessary to approach a strange girl, and acted. Even then I spent five minutes beating my thighs in the dark as the bus rolled down the road. You gotta, you gotta or youll die! Damn fool, talk to her! Whats wrong with you? Arent you tired enough of yourself by now? And before I knew what I was doing I leaned across the aisle to her she was trying to sleep on the seat and said, .Miss, would you like to use my raincoat for a pillow?. She ray ban seeing glasses frames looked up with a smile and said, .No, thank you very much.. I sat back, trembling; I lit a butt. I waited till she looked at me, with a sad little sidelook of love, and I got right up and leaned over her. .May I sit with you, miss?. .If you wish.. And this I did. .Where going?. .LA.. I loved the

left front tire as if glued to our groove. Dean hunched his muscular neck, T-shirted in the winter night, and blasted the car along. He insisted ray ban seeing glasses frames I drive through Baltimore for traffic practice; that was all right, except he and Marylou insisted on steering while they kissed and fooled around. It was crazy; the radio was on full blast. Dean beat drums on the dashboard till a great sag developed in it; I did too. The poor Hudson - the slow boat to China - was receiving her beating. .Oh man, what kicks!. yelled Dean. .Now Marylou, listen really, honey, you know that Im hotrock capable of everything at the same time and I have unlimited energy - now in San Francisco we must go on living together. I know just the place for you - at the end of the regular chain-gang run -I ray ban seeing glasses frames ll be home just a cut-