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threw it into the fire. It flared up more quickly than dry straw. Then it was, like a red bush in the cinders, slowly devoured. She watched it burn. The little pasteboard berries burst, the wire twisted, the gold lace melted; and the shriveled paper c ray ban sunglasses prices orollas, fluttering like black butterflies at the back of the stove, at least flew up the chimney. When they left Tostes at the month of March, Madame Bovary was pregnant. Part II Chapter One Yonville-lAbbaye so called from an old Capuchin abbey of which not even the ruins remain is a market-town twenty-four miles from Rouen, between the Abbeville and Beauvais roads, at the foot of a valley watered by the R ray ban sunglasses prices ieule, a little river that runs into the Andelle after turning three water-mills near its mouth, where there are a few trout that the lads

stretched out on a couch in this garb. She often changed her coiffure; she did her hair a la Chinoise, in flowing curls, in plaited coils; she parted in on one side and rolled it under like a mans. She wanted to learn Italian; she bought dictionaries, a grammar, and a supply of white paper. She tried serious reading, his ray ban sunglasses prices tory, and philosophy. Sometimes in the night Charles woke up with a start, thinking he was being called to a patient. Im coming, he stammered; and it was the noise of a match Emma had struck to relight the lamp. But her reading fared like her piece of embroidery, all of which, only jus ray ban sunglasses prices t begun, filled her cupboard; she took it up, left it, passed on to other books. She had attacks in which she could easily have been driven to commit any folly. She maintained one day, in

such a state. Shaking Monsieur Homais by the button of his coat, he shouted out in the shop These are the inventions of Paris! These are the ideas of t ray ban sunglasses prices hose gentry of the capital! It is like strabismus, chloroform, lithotrity, a heap of monstrosities that the Government ought to prohibit. But they want to do the clever, and they cram you with remedies without, troubling about the consequences. We are not so clever, not we! We are not savants, coxcombs, fops! We are practitioners; we cure people, and we should not dream of operating on anyone who is in perfect health. Straighten club-feet! As if one could straighten club-feet! It is as if one wished ray ban sunglasses prices , for example, to make a hunchback straight! Homais suffered as he listened to this discourse, and he concealed his discomfort beneath a

wheedling benignity assumed by ecclesiastics when they question children The gentleman, no doubt, does not belong to these parts? The gentleman would like to see the curiosities of the church? No! said the other. And he ray ban sunglasses prices first went round the lower aisles. Then he went out to look at the Place. Emma was not coming yet. He went up again to the choir. The nave was ray ban sunglasses prices reflected in the full fonts with the beginning of the arches and some portions of the glass windows. But the reflections of the paintings, broken by the marble rim, were continued farther on upon the flag-stones, like a many-coloured carpet. The broad daylight from without streamed into the church in three enormous rays from the three opened portals. From time to time at the upper end a sacristan passed, making the oblique

and in the middle one, more motionless than a rock, stood the beadle. Then she remembered the day when, all anxious and full of hope, she had entered beneath this large nave, that had opened out before her, less profound than her love; and she walked on weeping beneath her veil, giddy, staggering, almost fainting. Take care! cried a voice ray ban sunglasses prices issuing from the gate of a courtyard that was thrown open. She stopped to let pass a black horse, pawing the ground between the shafts of a tilbury, driven by a gentleman in sable furs. Who was it? She knew him. The carriage darted by and disappeared. Why, it was hethe Viscount. She turned away; the street was empty. She was so overwhelmed, so sad, that she had to lean against a wall to keep herself from ray ban sunglasses prices falling. Then she thought she had been mistaken.

flap. Now hed bought a new suit to go back in; blue with pencil stripes, vest and all - eleven dollars on Third Avenue, with a watch and watch chain, and a portable ty ray ban sunglasses prices pewriter with which he was going to start writing in a Denver rooming house as soon as he got a job there. We had a farewell meal of franks and beans in a Seventh Avenue Rikers, and then Dean got on the bus that said Chicago and roared off into the night. There went our wrangler. I promised myself to go the same way when spring really bloomed and opened up the land. And this was real ray ban sunglasses prices ly the way that my whole road experience began, and the things that were to come are too fantastic not to tell. Yes, and it wasnt only because I was a writer and needed new experiences that I wanted to know Dean more, and because my life hanging

spent a hundred dollars on her and she thought shed found an heir. Instead she was hung-up in this shack, and for lack of an ray ban sunglasses prices ything else she had to stay there. She had a job in Frisco; she had to take the Greyhound bus at the crossroads and go in every day. She never forgave Remi for it. 40 I was to stay in the shack and write a shining original story for a Hollywood studio. Remi was going to fly down in a stratosphere liner with this harp under his arm and make us all rich; Lee Ann was to go with him; he was going to introduce her to his buddys father, who was a famous director and an intimate of W. C. Fields. So the first week I stayed in the shack in Mill City, writing furiously at some gloomy tale about New York that I thought would satisfy a Hollywood di ray ban sunglasses prices rector, and the trouble with it

Then he kept reverting to businesslike tones. There was no purpose in our coming downtown, but he found purposes. He made us all hustle, Marylou for the lunch groceries, me for a paper to dig the weather report, Ed for cigars. Dean loved to smoke cigars. He smoked one over the paper and talked. .Ah, our holy American slopjaws in Washington are planni ray ban sunglasses prices ng further inconveniences -ah-hem! -aw -hup! hup!. And he leaped off and rushed to see a colored girl that just then passed outside the station. .Dig her,. he said, standing with limp 68 finge ray ban sunglasses prices r pointed, fingering himself with a goofy smile, .that little gone black lovely. Ah! Hmm!. We got in the car and flew back to my brothers house. I had been spending a quiet Christmas in the country, as I realized when we got back into the house and I saw