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the sum. The wind on the highroad blew up clouds of dust. Afar off a dog sometimes howled; and the bell, keeping time, continued its monotonous ringing that died away over the fields. But the people came out from church. The women in waxed clogs, the peasants in new blouses, the little bare-headed children skipping along in front of them, all were going home. And till nightfall, five or six men, ray ban aviator for sale always the same, stayed playing at corks in front of the large door ray ban aviator for sale of the inn. The winter was severe. The windows every morning were covered with rime, and the light shining through them, dim as through ground-glass, sometimes did not change the whole day long. At four oclock the lamp had to be lighted. On fine days she went down into the garden. The dew had left on the cabbages a silver lace with

blinds. He thought he saw a shadow behind the window in the room; but the curtain, sliding along the pole as though no one were touching it, slowly opened its long oblique folds that spread out with a single movement, and thus hung straight and motionless as a plaster wall. Leon set off running. From afar he saw his employers gig in the road, and by it a man in a coarse apron holding the horse. Homais and Monsieur Guillaumin were talking. They were waiting for him. Embrace me, said the druggist with tears in his eyes. Here is your coat, my good friend. Mind the cold; take care of yourself; look after yourself. Come, Leon, jump in, said the notary. Homais bend over the splash-board, and in a voice broken by sobs uttere ray ban aviator for sale d these three sad words ray ban aviator for sale A pleasant journey! Good-night, said Monsieur

moment passed through her mind, but her eyes turned again to Charles; she even noticed with surprise that he had not ray ban aviator for sale bad teeth. They were in bed when Monsieur Homais, in spite of the servant, suddenly entere ray ban aviator for sale d the room, holding in his hand a sheet of paper just written. It was the paragraph he intended for the Fanal de Rouen. He brought it for them to read. Read it yourself, said Bovary. He read Despite the prejudices that still invest a part of the face of Europe like a net, the light nevertheless begins to penetrate our country places. Thus on Tuesday our little town of Yonville found itself the scene of a surgical operation which is at the same time an act of loftiest philanthropy. Monsieur Bovary, one of our most distinguished practitioners Oh, that is too much! too much! said Charles,

of the tomb, and one evening he had even made his will, asking to be buried in that beautiful rug with velvet stripes he had received from her. For this was how they would have wished to be, each setting up an ideal to which they were now adapting their past life. Besides, speech is a rolling-mill that always thins out the sentiment. But at this invention of the rug she asked, But why? Why? He hesitated. Because I loved you so! And congratulating himself at having surmounted the difficulty, Leon watched her face out of the corner of his eyes. It ray ban aviator for sale was li ray ban aviator for sale ke the sky when a gust of wind drives the clouds across. The mass of sad thoughts that darkened them seemed to be lifted from her blue eyes; her whole face shone. He waited. At last she replied I always suspected it. Then they went over all

read, Within twenty-four hours, without fail But what? To pay the s ray ban aviator for sale um of eight thousand francs. And ray ban aviator for sale there was even at the bottom, She will be constrained thereto by every form of law, and notably by a writ of distraint on her furniture and effects. What was to be done? In twenty-four hourstomorrow. Lheureux, she thought, wanted to frighten her again; for she saw through all his devices, the object of his kindnesses. What reassured her was the very magnitude of the sum. However, by dint of buying and not paying, of borrowing, signing bills, and renewing these bills that grew at each new falling-in, she had ended by preparing a capital for Monsieur Lheureux which he was impatiently awaiting for his speculations. She presented herself at his place with an offhand air. You know what has

and he should come to me for advice. Meanwhile Dean had gotten a job in a parking lot, had a fight with Marylou in their Hoboken apartment - God knows why they went there - and she was so mad and so down deep vindictive that she reported to the police some false trumped-up hysterical crazy charge, and Dean had to lam fro ray ban aviator for sale m Hoboken. So he had no place to live. He came right out to Paterson, New Jersey, where I was living with my aunt, and one night while I was studying there was a knock on the door, ray ban aviator for sale and there was Dean, bowing, shuffling obsequiously in the dark of the hall, and saying, .Hello, you remember me - Dean Moriarty? Ive come to ask you to show me how to write.. .And wheres Marylou?. I asked, and Dean said shed apparently whored a few dollars together and gone back to Denver - .the

with Roy Johnson, a handsome kid, and Tom Snark, the clubfooted poolsh ray ban aviator for sale ark. They sat around and listened with abashed smiles as Carlo Marx read them his apocalyptic, mad poetry. I slumped in my chair, finished. .Oh ye Denver birds!. cried Carlo. We all filed out and went up a typical cobbled Denver alley between incinerators s ray ban aviator for sale moking slowly. .I used to roll my hoop up this alley,. Chad King had told me. I wanted to see him do it; I wanted to see Denver ten years ago when they were all children, and in the sunny cherry blossom morning of springtime in the Rockies rolling their hoops up the joyous alleys full of promise - the whole gang. And Dean, ragged and dirty, prowling by himself in his preoccupied frenzy. Roy Johnson and I walked in the drizzle; I went to Eddies girls house to get back

what is the purpose of all this? Why are you doing this to me?. .Its nothing, its nothing, darling - ah - hem - Sal has pleaded and begged with me to come and get him, it is absolutely necessary for me to - but ray ban aviator for sale we wont go into all these explanations - and Ill tell you why . . . No, listen, Ill tell you why.. And he told her why, and of course it made no sense. Big tall Ed Dunkel also worked on the railroad. He and Dean had just been laid off during a seniority lapse because of a drastic reduction of crews. Ed had met a girl called Galatea who was 66 living in San Francisco on her savings. These two mindless cads deci ray ban aviator for sale ded to bring the girl along to the East and have her foot the bill. Ed cajoled and pleaded; she wouldnt go unless he married her. In a whirlwind few days Ed Dunkel married