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long transparent threads spreading from one to the other. No birds were to be heard; everything seemed asleep, the espalier covered with straw, and the vine, like a great sick serpent under the coping of the wall, along which, on drawing hear, one saw the many-footed woodlice crawling. Under the spruce by the hedgerow, the curie in the three-cornered hat reading his breviary had lost his right foot, and the very plaster, scaling off with the frost, had left white scabs on his face. Then she went up again, shut her door, put on coals, and fainting with the heat of the hearth, felt her boredom weigh more heavily tha light blue ray ban aviators n ever. She light blue ray ban aviators would have liked to go down and talk to the servant, but a sense of shame restrained her. Every day at the same time the schoolmaster in a black skullcap opened the

Guillaumin. Give him his head. They set out, and Homais went back. Madame Bovary had opened her window overlooking the garden and watched the clouds. They gathered around the sunset on the side of Rouen and then swiftly rolled back their black columns, behind which the great rays of the sun looked out like the go light blue ray ban aviators lden arrows of a suspended trophy, while the rest of the empty heavens was white as porcelain. But a gust of wind bowed the poplars, and suddenly the rain fell; it pattered light blue ray ban aviators against the green leaves. Then the sun reappeared, the hens clucked, sparrows shook their wings in the damp thickets, and the pools of water on the gravel as they flowed away carried off the pink flowers of an acacia. Ah! how far off he must be already! she thought. Monsieur Homais, as usual, came at half-past

choking with emotion. No, no light blue ray ban aviators ! not at all! What next! Performed an operation on a club-footed man. I have not used the scientific term, because you know in a newspaper everyone would not perhaps understand. The masses must No doubt, said Bovary; go on! I proceed, said the chemist. Monsieur Bovary, one of our most distinguished practitioners, performed an operation on a club-footed man called Hippolyte Tautain, stableman for the last twenty-five years at the hotel of the Lion dOr, kept by Widow Lefrancois, light blue ray ban aviators at the Place dArmes. The novelty of the attempt, and the interest incident to the subject, had attracted such a concourse of persons that there was a veritable obstruction on the threshold of the establishment. The operation, moreover, was performed as if by magic, and barely a few drops

the trifling events of that far-off existence, whose joys and sorrows they had just summed up in one word. They recalled the arbour with clematis, the dresses she had worn, the furniture of her room, the whole of her house. And light blue ray ban aviators our poor cactuses, where are they? The cold killed them this winter. Ah! how I have thought of them, do you know? I often saw them again as of yore, when on the summer mornings the sun beat down upon your blinds, and light blue ray ban aviators I saw your two bare arms passing out amongst the flowers. Poor friend! she said, holding out her hand to him. Leon swiftly pressed his lips to it. Then, when he had taken a deep breath At that time you were to me I know not what incomprehensible force that took captive my life. Once, for instance, I went to see you; but you, no doubt, do not remember it.

happened to me? No light blue ray ban aviators doubt its a joke! How so? He turned away slowly, and, folding his arms, said to her My good lady, did you think I should go on to all eternity being your purveyor and banker, for the love of God? Now be just. I must get back what Ive laid out. Now be just. She cried out against the debt. Ah! so much the worse. The court has admitted it. Theres a judgment. Its been notified to you. Besides, it isnt my fault. Its Vincarts. Could you not? Oh, nothing whatever. But still, now talk it over. And she began beating about the bush; she had known nothing about it; it was a surprise. Whose fault is that? said Lheureux, bowing ironically. While Im slaving like a nigger, you go gallivanting about. Ah! no lecturing. It never does any harm, he replied. She turned coward; s light blue ray ban aviators he implored

whore!. So we went out to have a few beers because we couldnt talk like we wanted to talk in front of my aunt, who sat in the living room reading her paper. She took one look at Dean and decided that he was a madman. In the bar I told Dean, .Hell, man, I know very well you didnt come to me only to want to become a writer, and after all what do I really know about it except youve got to stick to it with the energy of a benny addi light blue ray ban aviators ct.. And he said, .Yes, of course, I know exactly what you mean and in fact all those problems have occurred to me, but the thing that I want is the realization of those factors that should one depend on Schopenhauers dichotomy for any inwardly realized . . .. and so on in that way, things I understood not a bit and he himself didnt. In those day light blue ray ban aviators s he really didnt

my wool plaid shirt, the shirt of Shelton, Nebraska. It was there, all tied up, the whole enormous sadness of a shirt. Roy Johnson said hed meet me in Frisco. Everybody was going to Frisco. I went and found my money had arrived. The sun came out, and Tim Gray rode a trolley with me to the bus station. I bought my ticket to San Fran, spending half of the fifty, and got on at two oclock in the afternoon. Tim Gray waved good-by. The bus rolled out of the storied, eager Denver streets. .By God, I gotta come back and see what else will happen!. I promised. In a last-minute phone call Dean light blue ray ban aviators said he and Carlo might join me on the Coast; I pondered this, and realize light blue ray ban aviators d I hadnt talked to Dean for more than five minutes in the whole time. 38 11 I was two weeks late meeting Remi Boncoeur. The bus trip

Galatea, with Dean rushing around to get the necessary papers, and a few days before Christmas they rolled out of San Francisco at seventy miles per, headed for LA and the snowless southern road. In LA they picked up a sailor in a travel bureau and took him along for fifteen dollars worth of gas. He was bound for Indiana. They also picked up a woman with her idiot daughter, for four dollars gas fare to Arizona. Dean sat the idiot girl with him up front and dug her, as he said, .All the way, man! such a gone sweet little soul. Oh, we talked, we talked of fires and the desert turning to a paradise and her parrot that swore in Spanish.. Dropping off these passengers, they procee light blue ray ban aviators ded to Tucson. All along the way Galatea Dunkel, Eds new wife, kept complaining that light blue ray ban aviators she was tired and wanted to