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going. But it was above all the meal-times that were unbearable to her, in this small room on the ground floor, with its smoking stove, its creaking door, the walls that sweated, the damp flags; all the ray ban optical retailers bitterness in ray ban optical retailers life seemed served up on her plate, and with smoke of the boiled beef there rose from her secret soul whiffs of sickliness. Charles was a slow eater; she played with a few nuts, or, leaning on her elbow, amused herself with drawing lines along the oilcloth table cover with the point of her knife. She now let everything in her household take care of itself, and Madame Bovary senior, when she came to spend part of Lent at Tostes, was much surprised at the change. She who was formerly so careful, so dainty, now passed whole days without dressing, wore grey cotton stockings, and

healthy. So when I was studying pharmacy at Rouen, I boarded in a boarding house; I dined with the professors. And thus he went on, expounding his opinions generally and his personal likings, until Justin came to fetch him for a mulled egg that was wanted. Not a moments peace ray ban optical retailers ! he cried; always at it! I cant go out for a minute! Like a plough-horse, I have always to be moiling and toiling. What drudgery! Then, when he was at the door, By the way, do you know the news? What news? That it is very likel ray ban optical retailers y, Homais went on, raising his eyebrows and assuming one of his most serious expression, that the agricultural meeting of the Seine-Inferieure will be held this year at Yonville-lAbbaye. The rumour, at all events, is going the round. This morning the paper alluded to it. It would be of the

The livid tumefaction spread over the leg, with blisters her ray ban optical retailers e and there, whence there oozed a black liquid. Matters were taking a serious turn. Hippolyte began to worry himself, and Mere Lefrancois, had him installed in the little room near the kitchen, so that he might at least have some distraction. But the tax-collector, who dined there every day, complained bitterly of such companionship. Then Hippolyte was removed to the billiard-room. He lay there moaning under his heavy coverings, pale with long beard, sunken eyes, and from time to t ray ban optical retailers ime turning his perspiring head on the dirty pillow, where the flies alighted. Madame Bovary went to see him. She brought him linen for his poultices; she comforted, and encouraged him. Besides, he did not want for company, especially on market-days,

And who prevents us from beginning now? No, my friend, she replied; I am too old; you are too young. Forget me! Others will love you; you will love them. Not as you! he cried. What a child you are! Come, let us be sensible. I wish it. She showed him the impossibility of their love, and that they must remain, as formerly, on the simple terms of a fraternal friendship. Was she speaking thus seriously? No doubt Emma did not herself know, quite absorbed as she was by the charm of the seduction, and the necessity of defending herself from it; and contemplating the young man with a moved look, she gently repulsed the timid caresses th ray ban optical retailers at his trembling ray ban optical retailers hands attempted. Ah! forgive me! he cried, drawing back. Emma was seized with a vague fear at this shyness, more dangerous to her than the boldness

whom a post-mortem is made, outspread before the eyes of these three men. Maitre Hareng, buttoned up in his thin black coat, wearing a white choker and very tight foot-straps, repeated from time to timeAllow me, madame. You allow me? Often he uttered exclamati ray ban optical retailers ons. Charming! very pretty. Then he began writing again, dipping his pen into the horn inkstand in his left hand. When they had done with the rooms they went up to the attic. She kept a desk there in which Rodolphes letters were locked ray ban optical retailers . It had to be opened. Ah! a correspondence, said Maitre Hareng, with a discreet smile. But allow me, for I must make sure the box contains nothing else. And he tipped up the papers lightly, as if to shake out napoleons. Then she grew angered to see this coarse hand, with fingers red and pulpy like slugs,

people in buses looked around to see the .overexcited nut.. In the West hed spent a third of his time in the p ray ban optical retailers oolhall, a third in jail, and a third in the public library. Theyd seen him rushing eagerly down the winter s ray ban optical retailers treets, bareheaded, carrying books to the poolhall, or climbing trees to get into the attics of buddies where he spent days reading or hiding from the law. We went to New York - I forget what the situation was, two colored girls - there were no girls there; they were supposed to meet him in a diner and didnt show up. We went to his parking lot where he had a few things to do - change his clothes in the shack in back and spruce up a bit in front of a cracked mirror and so on, and then we took off. And that was the night Dean met Carlo Marx. A tremendous thing happened when

happened in San Fran is because it ties up with ev ray ban optical retailers erything else all the way down the line. Remi Boncoeur and I met at prep school years ago; but the thing that really linked us together was my former wife. Remi found her first. He came int ray ban optical retailers o my dorm room one night and said, .Paradise, get up, the old maestro has come to see you.. I got up and dropped some pennies on the floor when I put my pants on. It was four in the afternoon; I used to sleep all the time in college. .All right, all right, dont drop your gold all over the place. I have found the gonest little girl in the world and I am going straight to the Lions Den with her tonight.. And he dragged me to meet her. A week later she was going with me. Remi was a tall, dark, handsome Frenchman he looked like a kind of Marseille black-

not eaten for thirty hours - except for candy and ch ray ban optical retailers eese crackers. They ate voraciously as Dean, sandwich in hand, stood bowed and jumping before the big phonograph, listening to a wild bop record I had just bought called .The Hunt,. with Dexter Gordon and Wardell Gray blowing their tops before a screaming audience that gave the record fantastic frenzied volume. The Southern folk looked at one another and shook their heads in awe. .What kind of friends does Sal have, anyway?. they said to my brother. He was stumped for an answer. Southerners dont like madness the least bit, not Deans kind. He paid absolutely no attention to them. ray ban optical retailers The madness of Dean had bloomed into a weird flower. I didnt realize this till he and I and Marylou and Dunkel left the house for a brief spin-the-Hudson, when