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brown saliva against the milestone, with his knee raised his instrument, whose hard straps tired his shoulder; and now, doleful and drawling, or gay and hurried, the music escaped from the box, droning through a curtain of p ray ban clear glasses ink taffeta under a brass claw in arabesque. They were airs played in other places at the theatres, sung in drawing rooms, danced to at night under lighted lustres, echoes of the world that reached even to Emma. Endless sarabands ran through her head, and, like an Indian dancing girl on the flowers of a carpet, her thoughts leapt with the notes, swung from dream to dream, from sadness to sadness. When the man had caught some coppers in his cap, he drew down an old cover of blue cloth, hitched his organ on to his back, and went off wi ray ban clear glasses th a heavy tread. She watched him

up your hat. Then you become more intimate; he ray ban clear glasses takes you to a cafe, invites you to his country-house, introduces you, between two drinks ray ban clear glasses , to all sorts of people; and three-fourths of the time its only to plunder your watch or lead you into some pernicious step. That is true, said Charles; but I was thinking especially of illnessesof typhoid fever, for example, that attacks students from the provinces. Emma shuddered. Because of the change of regimen, continued the chemist, and of the perturbation that results therefrom in the whole system. And then the water at Paris, dont you know! The dishes at restaurants, all the spiced food, end by heating the blood, and are not worth, whatever people may say of them, a good soup. For my own part, I have always preferred plain living; it is more

precautions, in order not to disturb the position of the limb, the box was removed, and an awful sight presented itself. The outlines of the foot disappeared in such a swelling that the entire skin seemed about to burst, and it was covered with ecchymosis, caused by the famous machine. H ray ban clear glasses ippolyte had already complained of suffering from it. No attention had been paid to him; they had to acknowledge that he had not been altogether wrong, and he was freed for a few hours. But, hardly had the oedema gone down to some extent, than the two savants thought fit to put back the limb in the apparatus, strapping it ray ban clear glasses tighter to hasten matters. At last, three days after, Hippolyte being unable to endure it any longer, they once more removed the machine, and were much surprised at the result they saw.

Spanish and French at the bottom. Through the sash-window a patch of dark sky was seen between the pointed roofs. She rose to light two wax-candles on the drawers, then she sat down again. Well! said Leon. Well! she replied. He was thinking how to resume the interrupted conversation, when she said to him How is it that no one until now has ever expressed such sentiments to me? The clerk said that ideal natures were difficult to understand. He from the first moment had loved her, and he despaired when he though ray ban clear glasses t of the happiness that would have been theirs, if thanks to fortune, meeting h ray ban clear glasses er earlier, they had been indissolubly bound to one another. I have sometimes thought of it, she went on. What a dream! murmured Leon. And fingering gently the blue binding of her long white sash, he added,

pushed her gently towards the staircase. I implore you, Monsieur Lheureux, just a few days more! She was ray ban clear glasses sobbing. There! tears now! You are driving me to despair! What do I care? said he, shutting the door. Chapter Seven She was stoical the next day when Maitre Hareng, the bailiff, with two assistants, presented himself at her house to draw up the inventory for the distraint. They began with Bovarys consulting-room, and did not write down th ray ban clear glasses e phrenological head, which was considered an instrument of his profession; but in the kitchen they counted the plates; the saucepans, the chairs, the candlesticks, and in the bedroom all the nick-nacks on the whatnot. They examined her dresses, the linen, the dressing-room; and her whole existence to its most intimate details, was, like a corpse on

relationship, but I didnt care and we got along fine - no pestering, no catering; we tiptoed around each other like heartbreaking new friends. I began to learn from him as much as he prob ray ban clear glasses ably learned from me. As far as my work was concerned he said, .Go ahead, everything you do is great.. He watched over my shoulder as I wrote stories, yelling, .Yes! Thats right! Wow! Man!. and .Phew!. and wiped his face with his handkerchief. .Man, wow, theres so many things to do, so many things to write! How to even begin to get it all down and without modified restraints and all hung-up o ray ban clear glasses n like literary inhibitions and grammatical fears . . .. 6 .Thats right, man, now youre talking.. And a kind of holy lightning I saw flashing from his excitement and his visions, which he described so torrentially that

for the people of the project. It was, so they say, the only community in America where whites and Negroes lived together voluntarily; and that was so, and so wild and joyous a place Ive never seen since. On the door of Remis shack was the note he had pinned up there three weeks ago. SAL PARADISE! in huge letters, printed] If nobodys home climb in through the window. Signed, Remi Boncoeur. The note was weatherbeaten and gray by now. I climbed in and there he was, sleeping with his girl, Lee Ann - on a bed he stole from a merchant ship, as he told me later; imagine the deck engineer of a merchant ship sneaking over the side in the middle of th ray ban clear glasses e night with a bed, and heaving and straining at the oars to shore. This barely explains Remi Boncoeur. The ray ban clear glasses reason Im going into everything that

peering into the manuscripts of the snow, because the windshield was covered with an inch of ice. He drove by the birth county of his forebears without a thought. In the morning the car skidded on an icy hill and flapped into a ditch. A farmer offered to help them out. They got hung-up when they picked up a hitchhiker who promised them a dollar if theyd let him ride to Memphis. In Memphis he went into his house, puttered around looking for the dollar, got drunk, and said he couldnt find it. They resumed across Tennessee; the bearings were beat from the accident. Dean had been driving ninety; now he had to stick to a steady seventy or the whole moto ray ban clear glasses r would go whirring down the mountainside. They crossed ray ban clear glasses the Great Smoky Mountains in midwinter. When they arrived at my brothers door they had