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burnt tallow candles. She kept saying they must be economical since they were not rich, adding that she was very contented, very happy, that Tostes pleased her very much, with other speeches that closed the mouth of her mother-in-law. Besides, E ray ban p logo mma no longer seemed inclined to follow her advice; once even, Madame Bovary having thought fit to maintain that mistresses ought to keep an eye on the religion of their servants, she had answered with so angry a look and so cold a smile that the good woman did not interfere again. Emma was growing difficult, capricious. She ordered dishes for herself, then she did not touch them; one day drank only pure milk, the next cups of tea by the ray ban p logo dozen. Often she persisted in not going out, then, stifling, threw open the windows and put on light dresses.

utmost importance for our district. But well talk it over later on. I can see, thank you; Justin has the lantern. Chapter Seven The next day was a dreary one for Emma. Everything seemed to her enveloped in a black atmosphere floating confusedly over the exterior of things, and sorrow w ray ban p logo as engulfed within her soul with soft shrieks such as the winter wind makes in ruined ray ban p logo castles. It was that reverie which we give to things that will not return, the lassitude that seizes you after everything was done; that pain, in fine, that the interruption of every wonted movement, the sudden cessation of any prolonged vibration, brings on. As on the return from Vaubyessard, when the quadrilles were running in her head, she was full of a gloomy melancholy, of a numb despair. Leon reappeared, taller,

when the peasants were knocking about the billiard-balls round him, fenced ray ban p logo with the cues, smoked, drank, sang, and brawled. How are you? they said, clapping him on the shoulder. Ah! youre not up to much, it seems, but its your own fault. You should do this! do that! And then they told him stories of people who had all been cured by other remedies than his. Then by way of consolation they added You give way too much! Get up! You coddle yourself like a king! All the same, old chap, you dont smell nice! Gangrene, in fact, was spreading more and more. Bovary himself turned sick at it. He came every hour, every moment. Hippolyte looked at him with eyes full of terror, sobbing When shall I get well? Oh, sav ray ban p logo e me! How unfortunate I am! How unfortunate I am! And the doctor left, always recommending

of Rodolphe when he advanced to her open- ray ban p logo armed. No man had ever seemed to her so beautiful. An exquisite candour emanated from his being. He lowered ray ban p logo his long fine eyelashes, that curled upwards. His cheek, with the soft skin reddened, she thought, with desire of her person, and Emma felt an invincible longing to press her lips to it. Then, leaning towards the clock as if to see the time Ah! how late it is! she said; how we do chatter! He understood the hint and took up his hat. It has even made me forget the theatre. And poor Bovary has left me here especially for that. Monsieur Lormeaux, of the Rue Grand-Pont, was to take me and his wife. And the opportunity was lost, as she was to leave the next day. Really! said Leon. Yes. But I must see you again, he went on. I wanted to tell you What?

touching these pages against which her heart had beaten. They went at last. Felicite came back. Emma had sent her out to watch for Bovary in order to keep him off, and they hurriedly installed the man in possession under the roof, where he swore he would remain. During the evening Charles seemed to her careworn. Em ray ban p logo ma watched him with a look of anguish, fancying she saw an accusation in e ray ban p logo very line of his face. Then, when her eyes wandered over the chimney-piece ornamented with Chinese screens, over the large curtains, the armchairs, all those things, in a word, that had, softened the bitterness of her life, remorse seized her or rather an immense regret, that, far from crushing, irritated her passion. Charles placidly poked the fire, both his feet on the fire-dogs. Once the man, no doubt

Dean met Carlo Marx. Two keen minds that they are, they took to each other at the drop of a hat. Two ray ban p logo piercing eyes glanced into two piercing eyes - the holy conman with the shining mind, and the sorrowful poetic con-man with the dark mind that is Carlo Marx. From that moment on I saw very little of Dean, and I was a little sorry too. Their energies met head-on, I was a lout compared, I couldnt keep up with them. The whole mad swirl of everything that was to come began then; it would mix up all my friends and all I had left of my family in a big dust cloud over the American Night. Carlo told him of Old Bull Lee, Elmer Hassel, Jane: Lee in Texas growing weed, Hassel on Rikers Island, Jane wandering on Times Square in a benzedrine hallucination, wi ray ban p logo th her baby girl in her arms and ending up in

marketeer of twenty; because he was French 39 he had to talk in jazz American; his English was perfect, his French was perfect. He li ray ban p logo ked to dress sharp, slightly on the collegiate side, and go out with fancy blondes and spend a lot of money. Its not that he ever blamed me for taking off with his girl; it was only a point that always tied us together; that guy was loyal to me and had real affection for me, and God knows why. When I found him in Mill City that morning he had fallen on the beat and evil days that come to young guys in their middle twenties. He was hanging around waiting for a ship, and to earn his living he had a job as a special guard in the barracks across the canyon. His girl Lee Ann had a bad tongue and gave him a calld ray ban p logo own every day. They spent all week saving pennies and

for the first time we were alone and could talk about anything we wanted. Dean grabbed the wheel, shifted to second, mused a 67 minute, rolling, suddenly seemed to decide something and shot the car full-jet down the road in a fury of decision. .All right now, children,. he said, rubbing his nose and bending down to feel the emergency and pulling cigarettes out of the compartment, and swaying back and forth as he did these th ray ban p logo ings and drove. .The time has come for us to decide what were going to do for the next week. Crucial, crucial. Ahem!. He dod ray ban p logo ged a mule wagon; in it sat an old Negro plodding along. .Yes!. yelled Dean. .Yes! Dig him! Now consider his soul - stop awhile and consider.. And he slowed down the car for all of us to turn and look at the old jazzbo moaning along. .Oh yes, dig