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was a nervous complaint: ch used ray ban sunglasses ange of air was needed. After looking about him on this side and on that, Charles learnt that in the Neufchatel arrondissement there was a considerable market town called Yonville-lAbbaye, whose doctor, a Polish refugee, had decamped a week before. Then he wrote to the chemist of the place to ask the number of the population, the distance from the nearest doctor, what his predecessor had made a year, and so forth; and the answer being satisfactory, he made up his used ray ban sunglasses mind to move towards the spring, if Emmas health did not improve. One day when, in view of her departure, she was tidying a drawer, something pricked her finger. It was a wire of her wedding bouquet. The orange blossoms were yellow with dust and the silver bordered satin ribbons frayed at the edges. She

hate for the warmth of tenderness; but as the tempest still raged, and as passion burnt itself down to the very cinders, and no help came, used ray ban sunglasses no sun rose, there was night on all sides, and she was lost in the terrible cold t used ray ban sunglasses hat pierced her. Then the evil days of Tostes began again. She thought herself now far more unhappy; for she had the experience of grief, with the certainty that it would not end. A woman who had laid on herself such sacrifices could well allow herself certain whims. She bought a Gothic prie-dieu, and in a month spent fourteen francs on lemons for polishing her nails; she wrote to Rouen for a blue cashmere gown; she chose one of Lheureuxs finest scarves, and wore it knotted around her waist over her dressing-gown; and, with closed blinds and a book in her hand, she lay

Religion, however, seemed no more able to succour him than surgery, and the invincible gangrene still spread from the extremities towa used ray ban sunglasses rds the stomach. It was all very well to vary the potions and change the poultices; the muscles each day rotted more and more; and at last Charles replied by an affirmative nod of the head when Mere Lefrancois, asked him if she could not, as a forlorn hope, send for Monsieur Canivet used ray ban sunglasses of Neufchatel, who was a celebrity. A doctor of medicine, fifty years of age, enjoying a good position and self-possessed, Charless colleague did not refrain from laughing disdainfully when he had uncovered the leg, mortified to the knee. Then having flatly declared that it must be amputated, he went off to the chemists to rail at the asses who could have reduced a poor man to

grasses, catmint, and chickweed for the birds; the fountains gurgled in the centre, and under large umbrellas, amidst melons, piled up in heaps, flower-women, bare-headed, were twisting paper round bunches of violets. The young man took one. It was the first time that he had bought flowers for a woman, and his breast, as he smelt them, swelled with pride, as if this homage that he meant for another had recoiled upon himself. But he was afraid of being seen; he resolutely entered the church. The beadle, who was just then standing on the threshold in the middle of the left doorway, under the Dancing Marianne, with feather cap, and rapier dangling against his calves, came in, more majestic than a cardinal, and as shining as a saint on a holy pyx. He came towar used ray ban sunglasses ds Leon used ray ban sunglasses , and, with that smile of

he added. Emma did not seem to welcome this hope with all the joy he had expe used ray ban sunglasses cted. Did she suspect the lie? He went on, blushing However, if you dont see me by three oclock do not wait for me, my darling. I must be off now; forgive me! Goodbye! He pressed her hand, but it felt quite lifeless. Emma had no strength left for any sentiment. Four oclock struck, and she rose to return to Yonville, mechanically obeying the force of old habits. The weather was fine. It was one of those March days, clear and sharp, when the sun shines in a perfectly white sky. The Rouen folk, in Sunday-clothes, were walking about with happy looks. She reached the Place du Parvis. People were coming out after vespers; the crowd flowed out through the three doors like a stream through the three used ray ban sunglasses arches of a bridge,

fantastic parking-lot attendant in the world, he can back a car forty miles an hour into a tight squeeze 7 and stop at the wall, jump out, race among fenders, leap into another car, circle it fifty miles an hour in a narrow space, back swiftly into tight spot, hump, snap the car with the emergency so that you see it bounce as he flies out; then clear to the ticket shack, sprinting like a track star, hand a ticket, leap into a newly arrived car before the owners half out, leap literally under him as he steps out, start the car with the door flapping used ray ban sunglasses , and roar off to the next available spot, arc, pop in, brake, out, run; working like that without pause eight hours a night, evening rush hours and after used ray ban sunglasses -theater rush hours, in greasy wino pants with a frayed fur-lined jacket and beat shoes that

problems and bad lovelife with a sharp-tongued woman, he at used ray ban sunglasses least had learned to laugh almost better than anyone in the world, and I saw all the fun we were going to have in Frisco. The pitch was this: Remi slept with Lee Ann in the bed across the room, and I slept in the cot by the window. I was not to touch Lee Ann. Remi at once made a speech concerning this. .I dont want to find you two playing around when you think Im not looking. You cant teach the old maestro a new tune. This is an original saying of mine.. I looked at Lee Ann. She was a fetching hunk, a honey-colored creature, but there was hate in her eyes for both used ray ban sunglasses of us. Her ambition was to marry a rich man. She came from a small town in Oregon. She rued the day she ever took up with Remi. On one of his big showoff weekends he

walking, sitting, crossing the legs, uncrossing, getting up, rubbing the hands, rubbing his fly, hitching his pants, looking up an used ray ban sunglasses d saying .Am,. and sudden slitting o used ray ban sunglasses f the eyes to see everywhere; and all the time he was grabbing me by the ribs and talking, talking. It was very cold in Testament; theyd had an unseasonable snow. He stood in the long bleak main street that runs along-the railroad, clad in nothing but a T-shirt and low-hanging pants with the belt unbuckled, as though he was about to take them off. He came sticking his head in to talk to Marylou; he backed away, fluttering his hands before her. .Oh yes, I know! I know you, I know you, darling!. His laugh was. maniacal; it started low and ended high, exactly like the laugh of a radio maniac, only faster and more like a titter.